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UX Improvements: February 2024

A fresh batch of user experience improvements: Pin feedback on cutting planes, auto-save drafts, streamlined bulk downloads, improved link sharing, and simplified feedback editing!

New File Sharing Controls for Windchill Users

Windchill users can now set exclusivity and restriction rules to govern which data can flow into CoLab from Windchill.

Split View: View any two files side-by-side

Split view has been updated to accommodate all file types! Follow mode is now compatible with split view and packages have been moved to the left sidebar.

AI-Generated Review Summaries + New Review Features

You can now generate AI-assisted design review summaries in CoLab!

Introducing: Follow Mode

Now everyone can contribute to a design review without anyone dominating the conversation.

CoLab now integrates with Jira!

Use the integration to automatically populate Jira issues from CoLab feedback + keep issue status synced between systems.

Introducing Configurable Permissions

No more accidentally closing reviews or deleting files, and a whole lot more flexibility!

New Features: Split View, Custom Cutting Planes, and Custom Saved Views

Check out three highly requested features and learn how to apply them to your workflow.

New Features: @mentions + Track capabilities in workspaces

We've added @mentions functionality to make it easier for you to bring information to your team's attention!

Announcing: Multi-factor authentication + additional enhancements

We're introducing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure your IP remains safe, and have rolled out several additional enhancements to improve the user experience.