Secure Supplier Collaboration

CoLab provides secure file sharing that works with your PLM system, so you can get better, faster design feedback from your suppliers.

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Sharing that’s smoother for everyone

Can’t shake the feeling there must be a better way to collaborate with suppliers? With CoLab, you get the fast, simple sharing experience you’ve been missing. Share CAD and drawings in the Cloud, straight from your PLM—no need to waste time on lengthy email exchanges. Everyone has access to the latest version, and comments are tied directly to the design file so there’s never any confusion. It’s that easy.

IP security you can trust

Up to 80% of drawings and models get shared by suppliers (to their suppliers), without you ever knowing. Regain control of your critical IP with secure, traceable sharing. CoLab lets you create unlimited workspaces, each with custom permissions to view, share, or download files. That means everyone - from colleagues to suppliers- gets the access they need. When you’re done collaborating, you can shut access off just as easily.

Prevent catchable mistakes

One missed change is all it takes to end up with production delays and scrapped parts. But managing your inbox gets messy fast, especially with multiple partners. Unlike email, CoLab organizes revisions and feedback in one place so that nothing slips through the cracks. That way, every design decision gets made with up-to-date info, and it’s all 100% traceable.

Turn suppliers into partners

With CoLab, you can tap into your supplier’s design expertise. CoLab lets suppliers comment directly on drawings and 3D models, making it easy for them to proactively participate in your design process. Get better input on designs and manufacturability, and get to market faster. Supplier subscriptions are included at no additional cost.

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“We didn’t have any mistakes that made it out to the supplier. We caught everything internally and we did it faster than we would have otherwise.”

Kevin Walters
Senior Director of Product Operations
Mainspring Energy

Ready for enterprise-worthy supplier collaboration?

  • Web-based sharing for CAD and drawings
  • Revisions and feedback, all in one place
  • Enterprise-grade IP security

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