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“The issues and the reviews we created on our files were key for our tech review when we were bidding for the program. Fiat Chrysler Automotive really liked being able to see the model on screen and being able to move it around. I think that was very helpful.”

Hak Park
Engineering Manager at Hyundai Mobis

How do you become the supplier of choice? By making design collaboration seamless. Customers will love the ease of working with you, and your engineers will have the time and tools to deliver greater value.

Simplify file sharing with customers and OEMs

Sharing CAD shouldn’t be the hardest part of design collaboration. CoLab supports 30+ file types, including native CAD, with a 3D viewer right in your web browser. That means no more wasting time with slow FTP connections or endless emails back and forth.

Win more RFQs with interactive technical reviews

Make your technical expertise a competitive advantage when bidding for new business. With interactive reviews in CoLab, you can propose design solutions and exchange feedback with customers — all with full mechanical context and updated in real time.

Stay on top of changes with visual ECNs

CoLab lets OEM partners clearly highlight design details whenever they send engineering change notices. That means your team can easily compare before and after, assess the change, and respond accordingly.

Actually used (and loved) by engineers building the world’s most complex products

Ready to offer your customers even more design expertise?

  • Share CAD for review via secure web links
  • Conduct interactive technical reviews with customers
  • Stay on top of changes with visual ECNs

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Case Study

Hyundai Mobis won new business and strengthened OEM relationships with CoLab

“Fiat Chrysler Automotive is constantly sending revisions to their parts or components. With CoLab, we can go in and see what it was versus what it is now, so we can assess the changes much better than we could before.”


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