Kick off design reviews virtually

CoLab can be used to conduct different types of design reviews, from informal peer checks to structured stage gate reviews. Reviews in CoLab let you capture feedback asynchronously, address minor issues outside of meetings, or document and organize feedback during meetings.

Create a review in minutes

In CoLab, a design review is an event with a start date and an end date. You can request a review from an SME on your team to let them know you need their feedback on a design. You can create reviews in advance and provide a pre-read so your team knows exactly what to focus on.

Link based sharing and email notifications

When you assign a colleague to a review, they’ll receive a notification in the App and in their email inbox. Because CoLab generates unique URLs for every review, they can get from the email invite to the review in one click.

Build design review pre-reads

You can use the Packages feature to group multiple files into a technical review package. To ensure that design intent is understood going into a review, use the Slides feature to include saved views with markups and annotations.

Build design

Use checklists to guide reviews

When you want reviewers to evaluate a model or drawing against predetermined criteria, you can attach a checklist. Reviewers can mark checklist items as pass, fail, or not applicable. To provide context on why an item passed or failed, reviewers can associate specific design feedback with each checklist item.

Connecting CoLab with PLM and CAD is fast, easy, and secure

CoLab integrates with major PLM systems, including Windchill, Teamcenter, and 3DEXPERIENCE. You can share CAD directly to CoLab from your PLM, maintaining critical data associations. Because CoLab accepts 30+ file types, it’s easy to review native CAD, even if you’re working with a supplier or customer that uses a different CAD tool.

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Simplify your design process with virtual reviews

  • Capture design feedback asynchronously
  • Resolve basic errors outside of meetings
  • Document and track feedback during meetings
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