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We are reinventing the way engineering teams design and build products

CoLab started in 2017 after the founding team continuously experienced the pain of design and manufacturing collaboration while working for some of the world's most innovative companies.

We are a team of mechanical engineers, developers and innovators who are setting the new standard for engineering collaboration.

Meet The Team

CoLab Software is a team of passionate and driven business specialists, engineers and computer scientists. We take pride in our ability to continuously learn from each others’ unique skill sets and perspectives, and apply that knowledge to solve customer problems.
Adam Keating
CEO & Co-Founder
Jeremy Andrews
CTO & Co-Founder
Taylor Young
Enterprise Solutions
Peter Gosse
Product Design Lead
Alex Collins
Full Stack Developer
Freddie Pike
Full Stack Developer
Connor Whalen
Full Stack & DevOps
Tyler Kelloway
Operations Manager
Christina Fong
Customer Success Specialist
Neil Wadden
Full Stack Developer
Riley Flynn
Full Stack Developer
John Barry
Full Stack Developer
Matthew Dunne
Quality Assurance Specialist
Cheryl Leung
Full Stack Developer
Mitchell Hynes
Full Stack Developer
Daniel Power
Full Stack Developer
Liam Waghorn
Full Stack Developer
Madusanka Prabath
Mobile Developer
Jacquelyn Holden
Enterprise Solutions
Terri-Lynn Rimmer
Senior Frontend Developer
Adam Taaffe
Marketing Specialist
Logan Stone
Full Stack Developer Intern
Aaron Watson
Full Stack Developer
Stephanie Burry
Head of People and Culture
Andrew DeRoche
Full Stack Developer
Jack Harrhy
Full Stack Development Intern
Clinton Filler
Senior Software Architect
Robert Percy
Head Of Security


Jim Fish
VP Business Development, Lemur Vehicle Monitors; Managing Director, New Hammer; Partner, Innovatrium
Catherine Courage
VP Ads and User Commerce Experience, Google
Greg Smyth
Global Supply Manager for Capital Equipment, Tesla

Greg Smyth

Catherine Courage

Jim Fish


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