Our mission is to facilitate and enable global collaboration on innovative projects

We founded CoLab while leading Paradigm Hyperloop in SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod Design Competition, and struggling to collaborate on mechanical design. We used archaic methods to carry out design reviews, only to realize they were the same methods some of the world's most innovative companies were using.

The Team

Adam Keating

Co-Founder & CEO
Adam is a Mechanical Engineer with a strong passion for advancing technology. His experience includes leading the Paradigm Hyperloop team to a second place finish worldwide, and helping design and build core subsystems for the first ever biology-guided radiotherapy cancer treatment. Adam graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2017 with the universities most valued academic and leadership awards.

Jeremy Andrews

Co-Founder & CTO
​Passionate, motivated and driven to innovate, Jeremy's professional experience covers a wide range of industries, including energy, oil and gas, research, defense, and automotive. Throughout his undergrad, Jeremy was involved in multiple student design teams, including Paradigm Hyperloop and Memorial Baja. Prior to starting CoLab, Jeremy worked with Tesla in 2016 on the Model 3 development in Palo Alto.

Taylor Young

Business Development Lead
Taylor is currently the President of Enactus Memorial where the team was awarded 3 national, and 1 World Championship since she joined. Taylor’s extensive background in project management and unmatched ability to multi-task and operate at an incredibly efficient rate makes her a critical asset to our team. Taylor brings experience from working with Johnson Insurance and ACOA to the team and now focuses on business development and sales.

Jacob Brown

Software Development Lead
Jacob joined the team in March 2018 as the Software Development Lead after several years of experience working for a startup called Nocland and for one of North America's Bank Fraud Detection leaders, Verafin. Jacob brings to the team a wide range of expertise with our development stack, dev ops leadership experience and a true passion for creating new solutions.

Alex Collins

Full Stack Developer
Alex is a computer engineer with significant design, development and testing experience that he gained through a diverse set of industry positions. His wide breadth of knowledge in big data technologies, telecommunications and web applications make him a perfect fit for the CoLab team. Alex's dedication to the team and product is evident every day and his passion is contagious.

Freddie Pike

Full Stack Developer
Freddie is a passionate software developer who brings an energetic and innovative perspective to software development. With his wide knowledge of programming languages and technologies, Freddie was the perfect fit to develop the full stack of the web application. He is a quick learner and has been a driving force in our front-end development and user experience.

Connor Whalen

Back-End Infrastructure Developer
Connor is a recent computer engineering graduate who finished atop of his class academically. He worked previously with Altera NTC, Nokia and Group Zed and was one of the leads for the Eastern Edge Robotics team that placed 2nd in the 2015 International MATE ROV Competition. Connor’s ability to learn quick and solve technical challenges will be a major asset for the team.

John Barry

Front-End Developer
John joins our team as a computer engineering intern from Memorial University of Newfoundland to work on our user interface and experience. He previously worked multiple roles for Nokia and has always been interested in self-starting new projects. His eye for design will be a bonus for the team as we continue to emphasize the value of user engagement.

Cassandra Abbott

Marketing Specialist
Cassandra is a digital marketing professional with international work experience focused in tech. As a creative-minded person, Cassandra is a strong copywriter and problem-solver. She is passionate about developing and delivering on marketing strategy through web, social and drip campaigns. Cassandra’s previous experience includes roles with Expedia, Virtual Marine, and Blackberry.
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Advisory Board

Catherine Courage

​Catherine co-authored the book “Understanding Your Users,” and is an active writer and speaker on customer empathy, innovation and design. Her professional experience includes Citrix, DocuSign and Google. In 2014, the National Diversity Council named her one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology. Her current role is VP Ads and User Commerce Experience at Google.

Greg Smyth

Greg is a Professional Mech. Engineer with over 10 years of experience that includes managing an engineering team of 12 that was responsible for drilling the world’s longest oil wells, and has lead continuous improvement process for $100M projects, resulting in $150M savings over 5 years. Greg currently works at Tesla, where he acts as Global Supply Manager for Capital Equipment.

James Fish

Jim has extensive experience in Product Management, Marketing and Innovation. From 2014 to February 2017, he served as Chief Innovation Officer at Bosch North America, where he lead the company's internal and external innovation efforts. Jim is currently VP Business Development at Lemur Vehicle Monitors, Managing Director at New Hammer, and Partner at Innovatrium.