Empowering engineering teams to build the future, faster.

Our team has a background in mechanical design, across a number of industries including automotive, industrial, aerospace and med tech. CoLab Software was founded to solve the collaboration and communication challenges faced by each of these industries.

Meet The Team

Adam Keating
CEO & Co-Founder
Jeremy Andrews
CTO & Co-Founder
Taylor Young
Business Development Lead
Jacob Brown
Development Lead
Peter Gosse
Product Design Lead
Alex Collins
Full Stack Developer
Freddie Pike
Full Stack Developer
Sam Russell
Senior Full Stack Developer
Connor Whalen
Full Stack & DevOps
Tyler Kelloway
Commercialization Manager
Christina Fong
Customer Success Specialist
Riley Flynn
Full Stack Development Intern
John Barry
Front-End Development Intern
Matthew Dunne
Quality Assurance Specialist
Daniel Power
Full Stack Development Intern
Mitchell Hynes
Full Stack Development Intern
Today CoLab is focused on giving engineering teams a simple CAD collaboration tool that makes it easy for engineers and their suppliers to review designs and manage issues in real time.
In order to achieve our goal of becoming the go-to solution for engineering collaboration on global design and manufacturing projects, we have assembled a world class support system.


Jim Fish
VP Business Development, Lemur Vehicle Monitors; Managing Director, New Hammer; Partner, Innovatrium
Catherine Courage
VP Ads and User Commerce Experience, Google
Greg Smyth
Global Supply Manager for Capital Equipment, Tesla

Greg Smyth

Greg is a Professional Mech. Engineer with over 10 years of experience that includes managing an engineering team of 12 that was responsible for drilling the world’s longest oil wells, and has lead continuous improvement process for $100M projects, resulting in $150M savings over 5 years. Greg currently works at Tesla, where he acts as Global Supply Manager for Capital Equipment.

Catherine Courage

​Catherine co-authored the book “Understanding Your Users,” and is an active writer and speaker on customer empathy, innovation and design. Her professional experience includes Citrix, DocuSign and Google. In 2014, the National Diversity Council named her one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology. Her current role is VP Ads and User Commerce Experience at Google.

Jim Fish

Jim has extensive experience in Product Management, Marketing and Innovation. From 2014 to February 2017, he served as Chief Innovation Officer at Bosch North America, where he lead the company's internal and external innovation efforts. Jim is currently VP Business Development at Lemur Vehicle Monitors, Managing Director at New Hammer, and Partner at Innovatrium.


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