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Run fast, effective design reviews in CoLab—where your whole team can review and comment on 3D models and drawings together in real time.

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Review designs 2x faster

Get design reviews done up to 2x faster! CoLab eliminates the admin work, so your team can focus on engineering. Since CoLab automatically tracks and organizes feedback for you, nobody has to waste time updating spreadsheets. And with an easier way to review designs asynchronously—meetings can be less frequent, but more productive.

Better feedback, from more engineers

CoLab brings together CAD, drawings, metadata, and feedback all in one place. That means everyone has the right information and context to contribute to a design review, and you don’t have to rely on your most experienced people to fill in the blanks for everyone else.

Finally, design review in 3D

You design in 3D; you should be able to review in 3D. But having one person open CAD and share their screen doesn’t cut it. CoLab lets multiple people review 3D models together. You’re able to see everyone’s feedback populate in real time, so nobody is repeating or contradicting each other. With CoLab, it’s easy for everyone to participate and get engaged.

Prevent catchable mistakes

Reviews are your best shot at avoiding the frustrations of redesigns, rework, and schedule delays. CoLab standardizes your design review process, so you get the most out of every review. That means you catch mistakes before making big investments, like tooling and prototyping.

"CoLab gives me a place to collaborate with my team on issues. We can debate changes right on the discussion thread for the issue itself until we come to a resolution. Then we’ve got an automatic record of our decisions right there."

Senior Mechanical Engineer
Kraken Robotics

Ready for more productive design conversations?

  • Easily review designs together, in 3D
  • All your feedback, tracked and organized automatically
  • Standardize design reviews and prevent catchable mistakes

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