CoLab + Windchill

CoLab’s out-of-the-box integration with Windchill lets you have design conversations with your team and supply chain, while maintaining the structure and organization of your PLM.

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Dead-simple sharing for all your design info

With CoLab’s Windchill integration, you can securely share design and manufacturing data such as 3D CAD, drawings, Bills of Materials, and product manufacturing information to folks outside of your Windchill environment. No more Wild West of drawings attached to emails or expired download links. Just easy, simple sharing in the browser.

Share 3D CAD without compromising IP

You don’t need to hand over sensitive CAD files to a supplier every time you need a quote. CoLab lets your suppliers review Windchill files—spinning 3D CAD and freely navigating the model—without ever downloading anything. Permissions are fully under your control, and you can shut off access whenever you want. Since files aren’t being uploaded and downloaded all over the place, your IT team always knows exactly how and where data is flowing.

Windchill tells you what’s approved, CoLab tells you by who (and why)

Stop searching through emails and meeting minutes when you need to report on decision-making and prove due process was followed. Unlike using Windchill on its own, with CoLab you’ll have an automatic (and digital) record of when a file was shared, who approved it, and how decisions were made. That means stress-free compliance, without the need to waste time retracing your steps.

Fool proof revision control that can keep up with you

By sharing files directly from Windchill to CoLab in the cloud, your team can stop wasting time searching for the right file or worrying about accidentally sending an outdated version that was sitting in their inbox. You can feel confident everyone is reviewing the right files and the right versions, even when you’re going back and forth on changes, and that quality slips and mistakes won’t reach production.

“When interacting with a global engineering and manufacturing organization, it’s critical that we can keep all parties ‘on the same page.’ With CoLab we have that ability to have various functional groups around the world all reviewing and commenting live or around the clock on the same exact model.”

Mike Zamalis
VP Global Chiller Product Engineering
Johnson Controls

Ready for smoother collaboration?

  • Simple external sharing with comprehensive access control
  • Enterprise-grade IP security
  • Automatically capture a more complete digital thread

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