Complex Designs, Simple Reviews

Gradient increases engineering accuracy and accelerates the product development and sales cycles

Complex Designs. Simple Reviews.

The world's simplest design review platform.

Gradient's design review sessions move feedback out of your inbox and into a centralized and collaborative environment.

Manipulate CAD, markup files, create and track issues, and chat over VoIP using our real-time collaboration and centralized feedback engine.

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Any Model. Any Location. Any Time.

Upload any CAD file and share it with the click of a link with your colleagues, clients, suppliers and manufacturers.

Engaging non-technical folks for feedback and approvals has never been easier. No additional software or plug-ins needed - simply share the link and they will have full access. No more waiting for large meetings or back and forth on email chains of screenshots.

Evaluate the model as if it was in your native CAD program - do it live with a team or do it on your spare time on your tablet. Gradient gives you the flexibility to do design reviews with convenience and centralization, while expediting the feedback loop.

Instant Feedback & Action Management.

Create new issues, assign new actions and make meaningful markups in the click of a button. No longer will you need to look through your inbox, notebook, spreadsheets and more to find all the decisions that go into making a product or project succeed.

Gradient turns feedback into meaningful actions. Assign the items directly in Gradient and steward your close-out process. Built in reminders and notifications make it simple to expedite review processes and keep everyone up-to-date.

At the end of the project, use the tool for final approvals from management and clients as well as pull the entire decision, feedback and action history into a single summarized report.

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