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Collaborate Without Barriers

Industry leading security to connect your global team and protect your data.

Share and review files together to resolve issues faster than ever before.

Shorten review cycles by 50% and cut engineering change costs.

Accelerate approvals and eliminate manual reporting.

The New Standard for Engineering Collaboration

Say goodbye to endless email chains, home-grown issue trackers and CAD screenshots.

Real Time Collaboration

Paper, scans, scattered PDFs, long feedback cycles, lost data - the standard for today’s drawing review process. CoLab gives you a single location for accessing, viewing and marking up drawings with your team concurrently.

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Seamless 3D Reviews

Industry leading 3D viewing in a secure, centralized hub. Remotely accessible to all stakeholders, while maintaining enterprise level security measures and high-performance 3D viewing with all the detail your technical team needs to make critical decisions.

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Lifecycle Issue Tracking

From concept through production, CoLab is a central hub for all issues and engineering communications, directly integrated with your most critical 2D and 3D data.

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Seamless integration with your existing CAD and PLM workflow.

Built for maximum compatibility, CoLab supports over 65 popular file formats.

Universal Issue Tracking. 
Complete Context.
Central Hub.

CoLab is the only purpose-built issue tracking solution for design and manufacturing teams. Collaboratively review designs and track issues from concept through to final production. 

Simple & Accessible

Directly Tied to 2D/3D

Automated Actions & Management

Trusted by the Fortune 500 & Their Supply Chains

“Cost effective and cost savings – estimated 75% annual savings from original hours spent in review, management, & feedback”

Engineering Manager
Hyundai Mobis

“We don’t do design reviews as often as we should because they are so cumbersome and take a long time. Their solution is simple and powerful.”

Senior Director
Fortune 500 Industrial Equipment Company

“Having a central location for project information and communications is really powerful.”


“CoLab was immensely helpful during the review and exceeded our expectations. As a result of using CoLab, we estimate that the review was more robust and saved ~50% of time and effort to not only completing the review but also in prep work.”

Engineering Manager
Fortune 500 Energy Company

“Within an hour I knew 95% of the application and could already see how much time and miscommunication it’ll save our team.”

Fortune 500 Defense Company


Lifecycle Issue Tracking

Built for engineering workflows from early design through production

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3D Design Review

Simple, integrated reviews with industry-leading security

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Collaborative Drawing Reviews

Redline any PDF with your team together, in real-time

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3D Work Instructions

Clear work instructions that provide all of the context instantly

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Program Task Management

Coordinate change packages reviews with all stakeholders

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Supply Chain Collaboration

Simplify your supply chain, without the IP risks

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9/10 engineering teams manage issues in email & spreadsheets, don’t be one of them. 

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This week we are introducing one of our newer team members and programming wizard, Terri-Lynn!

CoLab Software

Engineering Review & Issue Tracking, Solved.