Complex Designs, Simple Reviews

Gradient increases engineering accuracy and accelerates the product development and sales cycles

Complex Designs. Simple Reviews.
Integrated Issue Tracking.

Gradient's design review sessions move feedback out of your inbox and into a centralized and collaborative environment.

Manipulate CAD, markup files, create and track issues, and chat over VoIP using our real-time collaboration and centralized feedback engine.

Any Model. Any Location. Any Time.

With support for 60+ CAD file formats, you can simply drag and drop your native files and share them with colleagues at the click of a button.

Simply engage non-technical stakeholders without the need for additional software or plugins.

Navigate and analyze complex 2D and 3D models using built in measuring, sectioning, exploding and first-person functionality.

Issue Tracking &
Action Management.

Take screenshots, create markups, identify issues and assign action items all within the 3D viewer. Eliminate the need to filter through emails, spreadsheets, slideshows and word documents to consolidate project feedback.

The issue tracking dashboard turns that feedback into meaningful action items that can be managed easily. Built in reminders and notifications make it simple to expedite review processes and keep everyone up-to-date.

Design History & Automated Reporting.

Tracking changes and making decisions can be difficult in a fast-paced project environment. Simplify this process by  comparing model revisions and approving changes in real time.

Stop wasting time generating change reports, project summaries and meeting minutes. Create automated reports by filter issues based on projects, files, users, dates and more.

Plan Your Project. Improve Your Workflow.

Set key milestones and project timelines in order to better track progress and monitor delays.

All project metrics, issues and updates are displayed in your dashboard for easy access and quick review. Learn from previous successes and mistakes via built-in project insights.

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