Create design feedback

In CoLab, feedback is pinned directly on 2D or 3D CAD geometry, and assigned to specific individuals. This makes it easy to zero in on high-impact issues and prevents them from showing up in your final product.

Pin feedback on model geometry

Pin unlimited design issues directly on any model, drawing, or document. CoLab saves your view state automatically, so you can navigate through all feedback items while maintaining the original view for each comment.

Share feedback via URLs

CoLab generates a unique URL for each feedback item you create. Simply share the URL from your web browser with your team, enabling them to view and reply to your feedback.

Add markups to highlight issues or changes

Whether you’re commenting on 2D or 3D designs, you can use markup tools like pens, highlights, shapes, text boxes, and arrows to support and clarify your feedback.

add markups

Connecting CoLab with PLM and CAD is fast, easy, and secure

CoLab integrates with major PLM systems, including Windchill, Teamcenter, and 3DEXPERIENCE. You can share CAD directly to CoLab from your PLM, maintaining critical data associations. Because CoLab accepts 30+ file types, it’s easy to review native CAD, even if you’re working with a supplier or customer that uses a different CAD tool.

colab connect to applications
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Better products start with better design conversations.

If you’re ready to see how CoLab can transform the way you work with suppliers, here’s how the process works.

  • Every conversation starts with a discovery call. During this call, a technical expert will understand your team’s challenges with design review today
  • Then, we’ll tailor a demo to address those challenges. This demo includes you, of course, but also some key members from your team who can speak to your challenges in greater detail and vet CoLab as the solution.
  • Finally, we do a workshop with more members of your team. This is the fun part! During this workshop, your team will each have temporary CoLab licenses and participate in a sample design review. You and your team will be guided through key features and use cases right inside the CoLab platform.
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