Introducing Configurable Permissions

Cody Colbert

March 10, 2024


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Announcing: Configurable permissions

We’re excited to introduce a highly-requested feature: Configurable permissions.

Configurable permissions will help you de-risk your design reviews by restricting actions for certain users and granting additional permissions to others. This means no more reviews being closed by accident — or worse — deleted altogether.

As an admin, you can now create custom roles for users. There are three levels of custom roles, each with their own configurable permissions: Company, Workspace, and Portal Guest.

Here’s what you can do at each level:

Company permissions

  • Grant full admin privileges
  • Restrict users from creating workspaces, keeping your company structure in CoLab intact
  • Restrict users from creating, editing, and deleting folders within workspaces.

Workspace permissions

  • Prevent individual contributors from closing reviews they’re assigned to.
  • Allow managers to edit feedback created by individual contributors, without granting the manager full admin level permissions
  • Allow internal stakeholders from different departments to view and review files, without editing or deleting anything in the workspace
  • Enable your procurement team to share files with suppliers, while ensuring that reviews remain under the purview of the engineering team.

And way more!

Portal Guest permissions

  • Allow external users to add feedback without manipulating any of the files
  • Choose whether external users can add and/or edit files, folders, and feedback.

Multi-language support

CoLab now supports French. Select your preferred language in your personal settings.

More sweet changes

  • Coming soon: Admins will be able to download audit logs in CSV format to obtain a record of their user’s actions in CoLab.
  • Admins can set workspaces as having “restricted” data using the Workspaces & Portals tab in the admin panel. Users will be notified when they are entering a workspace that is deemed restricted.
  • Admins can disable downloading for all users within workspaces where controlled goods data exists, or across all workspaces.
  • Admins can disable web-based uploading to CoLab into workspaces containing controlled goods data, or across all workspaces.

As always, we encourage you to jump in the app and check it out for yourself. If you’d like to get into the nuts and bolts of configurable permissions, check out this knowledge base article.

October 26, 2023

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