Security as a Solution

Protecting your data goes beyond a basic checkbox—that's why it's our top priority.

Trusted by industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies, CoLab is built to the highest standards of security and data protection—adopting a security-first approach to product development and infrastructure design, while giving end users the safest possible method to review critical data with their team and external partners.

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Product Security and Reliability

CoLab offers many security features including SAML SSO, robust authentication, and role-based access controls. All these security features are paired with the most secure application model for day-to-day usage by your end users. CoLab customers have control over sharing, downloading, and access permissions at the admin level—ensuring your most valuable assets never land in the wrong hands.


Role-Based Access Control



Cloud Security

CoLab’s security program and its supporting security architecture are built on the foundations of ISO 27002, SOC 2, applicable NIST security controls, and AWS security best practices. In this way, we achieve a level of protection we’re proud to call Security as a Solution.

Physical Security and Data Hosting

Dedicated Security Team

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Logical Access

Failover and Disaster Recovery

Virtual Private Cloud



Permissions and Authentication


Pentests and Vulnerability Scanning

Security Incident Response

Application Security

CoLab has established extensive processes and controls to ensure application security. Every CoLab developer receives security awareness training and follows common secure development best practices, such as those defined by OWASP.

Secure Code Development (SDLC)

Framework Security Controls

Quality Assurance

Separate Environments

HR Security

At CoLab we ensure that our employees adhere to the highest security standards by implementing extensive employee background checks and administrative controls.



Employee Screening



CoLab has built its information protection and cybersecurity program from the ground up with the clear aim of meeting SOC 2 requirements and building customer trust. We’re continuously making improvements to our protection and detection controls, staying on top of industry standards and best practices, and responding to the ever-changing threat landscape.

CoLab has now successfully completed a SOC 2 type 2 audit, achieving a clean audit report with zero findings. Along with our commitments to protecting our customer’s most sensitive intellectual property and maintaining SOC 2 standards, CoLab Software is also registered in the Government of Canada’s Controlled Goods Program (CGP).


Privacy and Terms of Service

For more information on our approach to privacy, or to view the detailed CoLab Terms and Conditions, see here:

Security Concern?

We’re meticulously proactive about security and keeping your data safe. But if you have any questions or concerns, we take each one seriously. Please email to talk to our Security Team.