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How Ford Pro, iRobot, and Mainspring Energy stay on the same page with suppliers

We brought together industry veterans from Ford Pro, Mainspring, and iRobot to share their personal experiences with supplier collaboration. Here’s what they said.

3 real-world examples of companies winning more business by improving customer collaboration

This article rounds up 3 examples of engineering teams that changed the way they communicate with customers about design — and how it impacted the business.

5 predictions about Stage Gate that'll come true in 5 years or less

5 predictions for the next 5 years: find out how new technology is changing Stage Gate processes forever.

VA/VE Event Prep in CoLab

Uncover the efficient way to conduct Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) events in CoLab in our step-by-step guide.

Asynchronous Design Reviews in CoLab: A Step by Step Guide

Discover how CoLab can transform your engineering design review process, fostering asynchronous collaboration and streamlining team communication in this comprehensive guide.

Adapting engineering workflows for global and remote teams

‍Trying to manage product development remotely? Read this article and find out how to adapt your engineering processes accordingly.

How to integrate value engineering into NPD

This article gives engineering managers a simple roadmap for integrating VE into the NPD process. Keep reading to find out the 3-step approach.

Introduction to DFM Principles

In today's fast-paced manufacturing environment, where companies strive to remain competitive, DFM can help reduce costs, improve quality, and shorten production cycles. This article explores the fundamentals of DFM, its objectives, guidelines, and implementation process.

The 5 pillars of modern VA/VE

What does a “good” modern VA/VE program even look like? Read about the 5 pillars of effective VA/VE and see how your approach stacks up.

21 truths for large engineering companies to build a powerful VA/VE engine

Need to ramp up your cost reduction efforts? This article contains 21 truths from an expert panel on how to run successful large-scale VA/VE programs in 2023.


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