At CoLab, we’re helping engineering teams bring life-changing products to market years sooner.

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We believe that engineering is one of the most important jobs in the world.

Engineering and design teams are building medical devices that will save lives, leading the transition to renewable energy, and inventing products that future generations will use everyday. But they’re forced to go about it in frustrating, outdated ways. Imagine spending 3 hours taking screenshots of 3D models and pasting them into a Powerpoint presentation, just so you can get a few comments back from your supplier overseas. Or managing 4,000 issues related to a multiyear product development project manually in a spreadsheet. This is the reality of engineering collaboration in most companies today. And it means that brilliant engineers are forced to spend most of their time on useless admin work. We think that engineers - and all of the people they design products for - deserve better technology, so we’re building it.

Culture and values

number one
Value 1

Kindness and Respect Come First

  • We treat one another with respect.
  • We are kind to ourselves and others even when times are tough.
  • We seek to understand, and are transparent when we need help.
  • We have hard conversations and openly provide constructive feedback.
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Value 2

Ownership mentality

  • We take responsibility for outcomes and not just outputs: “It’s up to me to close the loop, not just check the box.”
  • We don’t give up the first time we hit a roadblock. We set clear goals and we stay focused on them until we succeed.
  • We take initiative, both within and outside our direct area of responsibility.
  • We operate with a healthy dose of paranoia: never panicked, but always trying to see around corners and anticipate challenges before they derail a product launch, customer onboarding, or sales opportunity
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Value 3

Better Everyday

  • We’re hungry, eager to solve tough problems, succeed in challenging roles, and work with people that push us to be our best
  • We make the best decisions we can, knowing no decision is still a decision and forward motion is better. We know that every step forward, big or small, builds momentum.
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do — we never settle.
  • We measure our progress — what’s visible can be improved.
number 4
Value 4

One Team, One Mission

  • We always act in the best interest of our customers and CoLab.
  • We are the teammate we want to work with — we get what we give.
  • We are disciplined. We don’t get distracted by shiny objects. 

What we look for in candidates


The average person would think that every job at CoLab is too hard. But if you love a challenge and seek excellence in everything you do, you will thrive here.

Business and technical acumen

CoLab is a complex product with lots of use cases. Our messaging is nuanced. We’re creating a new category of software, and nobody has a budget for it - yet. We’ll train you on how to overcome all of these obstacles, but you must come willing and able to learn.

Coachable team players

We’re looking for people that care about the success of the team as much or more than their individual success. Succeeding at CoLab requires a growth mindset and the ability to gracefully respond to constructive feedback.

Confidence, with low ego

You can hold your own in a conversation with a customer or a vendor. You can clearly communicate feedback to anyone at any level of the company – and you treat each of them with respect.


  • Health & Dental Coverage
  • Stock Options
  • RRSP & 401K Matching
  • Unlimited PTO - Vacation, Personal, Sick, Bereavement
  • Frequent Team Building
  • Remote Friendly

Hear from the people who work here


“The people are just amazing. This is the most talented team I've worked on and not a day goes by where I don't have the BIGGEST belly laugh — and I work remotely so that's saying something!

Robert Taylor
Barbara Cameron
Account Executive

“There is a true team mentality that exists at CoLab that I haven’t felt anywhere else. Everyone understands the mission and puts team goals above individual achievements. I get to work with a special group of people who make me feel trusted, empowered, and appreciated."

Robert Taylor
Cody Colbert
Product Marketing Manager

“CoLab believes in creating an environment where everyone feels empowered to share their ideas, concerns, and perspectives. Our leadership team actively listens to everyone, seeking feedback through regular surveys, town hall meetings and open door policies.”

Robert Taylor
Jen Beltran
Technical Program Manager