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Current Job Openings

Accounting & Business Development (Part-Time)

Back-End Development Intern

Front-End Development Intern

Front-End Developer

Back-End Developer (Analytics)

CoLab will be hiring multiple full stack developers over the course of the next several months. Ideally, candidates would be familiar with the full stack, however, applicants who are more focused on a single portion of the stack will also be considered and are desired. If you prefer to work in a particular part of the stack, please indicate this and your supporting experience when you apply.

Key Responsibilities
1) Building upon the current Python Flask Reactjs stack to implement customer feature requests, bug fixes, code refactors, etc.
2) Researching, evaluating and contributing to the planning of high level architecture decisions
3) Liaising with the company's Customer Success person and UI/UX designer to gather feedback on customer experience
4) Translating feature requests and bug fixes into development tasks
5) Prioritize, story point and assign development tasks
6) Contributing to company and product vision, ideation and planning
7) Continue to full stack development of web application and future feature creation

Target Start Date
March - April 2018
We will be onboarding our first customers in March through an engaging Early Adopter Program, and plan to use the success of that program to secure additional customers. This person will be responsible for working with those clients to increase retention, as well as generate case studies, customer testimonials, and customer success stories.

Key Responsibilities
1) Engage, manage and foster positive customer relationships and experience
2) Liaise with customers to collect and disseminate feedback and requests
3) Ensure customer satisfaction and implement customer support programs
4) Develop customer success stories and create promotional material
5) Collaborate with the founding and sales teams to work with new leads to find the appropriate solution to their problem

Target Start Date
March - April 2018
Our Sales and Marketing lead will be a go-getter who thinks outside of the box and is fully committed to marketing the product, building an effective sales strategy and conducting both inbound and outbound sales. This role will be responsible for building our customer pipeline and converting leads to customers in collaboration with the Customer Success Lead  & Founding Team.

Key Responsibilities
1) Lead a small sales team and be responsible for the core outbound outreach
2) Develop new experiments to generate new leads through both outbound and inbound methods
3) Nurture leads and determine the best solution for their needs
4) Develop marketing material for social media, website, conferences and customer meetings
5) Manage all social media accounts and company promotions

Target Start Date
March - April 2018
We are looking to bring on a passionate and organized person who will be able to carry a vast work load including business strategy, branding, raising private financing, securing government funds, hiring, accounting, and payroll. This person would work closely with the founding and sales teams to help accelerate business growth and build the company.

Key Responsibilities
1) Manage external relationships with non-dilutive funding agencies and post-secondary institutions
2) Identify new opportunities for funding, hiring, business growth or customer engagement
3) Lead company accounting, payroll and taxes
4) Create hiring materials and recruit talented hires to the company
5) Work closely with the sales and founding team to obtain new customers and ensure customer satisfaction

Target Start Date
April - May 2018