Split View: View any two files side-by-side

Cody Colbert

March 10, 2024


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In our August 23rd update we introduced split view, giving you the ability to multiple revisions of the same file side-by-side.

Starting today, you can use split view to view any combination of files side-by side, including drawings and PDFs! Just right click and select "Open in split view" to bring an additional file into the viewer.

Using split view and follow mode together

In our October 26th update we announced Follow Mode, a capability enabling you to follow what's happening on a peer's screen as they navigate a single CAD file. As part of our update to Split View, we've made it compatible with Follow Mode.

Here's what it looks like to follow a peer who has activated Split View:

Split view and feedback

When viewing multiple files using split view, the feedback panel will automatically group all feedback by file.

Other improvements:

We've moved packages from within Drive to the left-hand navigation bar. Some users found that housing packages within Drive created confusion and disorganization, so we've designated it as a separate menu item.

To learn more about using split view, read this knowledge base article.

December 5, 2023

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