Insights: Make your design review and feedback data work for you

Insights presents you with KPIs and dashboards you can use to identify and eliminate process bottlenecks, address recurring design issues, and monitor the effectiveness of continuous improvement efforts.

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Uncover and attack bottlenecks

With so many factors at play, it can be hard to see exactly where your projects are being bottlenecked. With Insights, bottlenecks are surfaced simply as a result of doing design reviews. Insights will show you the average time it takes your team to complete design reviews over time and across projects. You’ll see trends, patterns, and outliers, making it easy for you to know what to investigate.

Eliminate recurring issues to elevate design quality

A small number of recurring design issues are the reason for the majority of quality escapes. CoLab lets you create custom tags to label various types of design issues. Insights will display the breakdown of issues by tag so you can actively resolve the top sources of design errors.

Monitor continuous improvement efforts

Measuring the impact of process improvements is much easier when you have a baseline to work from. Insights gives you a baseline for review times and feedback volumes across projects. Now, when you implement changes, you’ll be able to measure their impact against your team’s averages. You’ll no longer have to operate based on feel alone, and can make pivots based on fact.

“I didn’t realize the power of CoLab until I started tagging things. It directly impacts the measuring of our metrics. Cost-out is something we measure out every year, and it’s often difficult to do — so that was a really big benefit.”

Engineering Manager,
Heavy equipment industry

Ready to make use of your review data?

  • Identify where you are being slowed down
  • Understand which issues contribute to most of your quality escapes
  • Measure how well your process improvements are actually working

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