Design Engagement Summit 2024

Redefining Engineering Collaboration and Decision Making

August 27-29th, 2024 | St. John's, NL, Canada

What to expect

Calling all engineering leaders that are sick of the status quo

You became a technology leader to bring life-changing products to market. So why does it feel like you spend your whole day in spreadsheets and pointless meetings?

It’s almost 2024, and there’s more opportunities to innovate than ever before. The automotive industry is quickly transforming to embrace electrification. Heavy equipment is not far behind. Robotics are becoming an everyday household item, and there’s more investment in renewable energy than ever before.

In spite of all of these interesting problems to work on, most engineers feel like they’re doing less real engineering now than they were 5 or 10 years ago. That’s a problem.

So we’re bringing the top minds together to solve it. If you’re an engineer or technology leader that likes to move fast and isn’t afraid to challenge the red tape, you are not alone. Here’s your chance to meet and learn from your peers across industries – then take those insights back to your company and keep moving things forward.

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Talks that will inspire you to do more real engineering

We know you want to hear about the projects and initiatives driving real business results. That’s why the people we’ve invited to speak are practitioners, who can share stories of what’s working and how they’re driving change in the biggest, most complex product orgs in the world.

We’ll also cover technology trends – like how AI is transforming engineering and how collaboration tools are powering global and remote teams. But we’ll make sure it’s all in the context of what you’re focused on day to day.

Talk Tracks

  • New Product Development: Building Better Products, Faster
  • Co-Designing Technology with Customers and Suppliers
  • Sustaining Engineering: Maximizing Product Value, While Reducing Costs

Bonus Content

  • Hands-on Workshops for CoLab Use Cases and Functionality
  • An Exclusive Preview of CoLab’s Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 Roadmap
  • An Overview of how real engineering teams use CoLab to complete engineering processes

You don’t really want to go to Orlando or Scottsdale again, do you?

It’s hard to argue with sunshine and swimming pools. But that’s the thing with the status quo, right? It’s hard to argue with.

Can we interest you in a little adventure? CoLab Software was proudly founded in – and still operates out of – Newfoundland and Labrador. We invite you to join us here in St. John’s – the Easternmost point in North America. In between learning and networking, you’ll get to explore rugged coastline, eat great seafood, and maybe even become an honorary Newfoundlander.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Newfoundland!


If you wish to book outside of the listed dates, please contact the Sheraton Hotel Reservations Department directly by email, at as dates pre and post event are based on availability.

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