Design Engagement Summit 2024

Redefining Collaboration in Mechanical Design

Date: August 26-28th, 2024
Location: St. Johns, NL Canada

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Are you an engineer or leader who is passionate about innovating how product development teams work together?

Join us at the Design Engagement Summit 2024 – It’s where mechanical design teams, innovators, and industry experts come together to reimagine engineering collaboration and push the limits of product development speed.

Why Attend?

Understand what the world’s most innovative design teams are doing to trim months off of NPD projects.

Learn how product development orgs are turning their suppliers and customers into strategic design partners.

Network with fellow professionals and thought leaders in automotive, heavy and industrial equipment.

Discover tools and strategies for seamless mechanical design reviews.

Learn from real-world case studies and success stories.

Come join us in St. John's, Newfoundland.

St. John's is the perfect combination of big-city luxury and traditional small-town charm. It is one of the oldest and most easterly cities in North America, and has become a rare destination full of character and charisma, with a contemporary, sophisticated edge.

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