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Release dates
June 6, 2024

CoLab now integrates with Teamcenter Active Workspace

Exciting news! CoLab now integrates with Teamcenter Active Workspace. This integration allows users to send CAD data directly from Teamcenter’s Active Workspace client to any CoLab workspace.

If your team uses Active Workspace, here are a few reasons you should consider integrating with CoLab: 

  • Version control: Files shared to CoLab will maintain version information from Teamcenter, ensuring you always work on the latest revision.
  • Preserved metadata: The integration preserves associated metadata for shared files, such as part dimensions and material specifications.
  • No need for file conversions: Upload native design files to CoLab directly from Active Workspace, eliminating the need for tedious file conversions.

Interested in using the CoLab integration for Active Workspace? Contact your Customer Success Manager to get started.

May 17, 2024

May enhancements

We have implemented several enhancements this month to improve the feedback creation process and make it easier for you to filter issues and reviews:

  • Sort option in feedback panel: A new sort option has been added to the feedback panel in workspaces, allowing you to sort all feedback on a file by date, status, priority, and more.
  • New Review Owner Filter in Track: Users can now filter Track by the review owner, making it easier to find and manage specific reviews.
  • Speech to text for Google Chrome users: Google Chrome users can now use speech to text functionality when creating feedback titles and descriptions, simplifying the feedback submission process.
March 5, 2024

Schedule reviews in advance

Reviews can now be scheduled in advance without an attached file.

We're delivering this update to make it easier for you to schedule upcoming reviews, even if your design file(s) aren't ready to be uploaded to CoLab.

  • The "Request Review" icon has been changed to "Create Review" on the home page, in Track, and in the  menu
  • Users can still request a review on a specific file or package of files
  • Reviews can be created from the Home page, from Track, or from a workspace.

More Improvements

February 14, 2024

New UX updates 😎

Based on your feedback, we've recently released several fixes and improvements to give you a smoother reviewing experience in CoLab.

Here's what's new:

  • Users can now easily pin feedback directly on an open cutting plane, without needing to hide the plane first.
  • When editing feedback, CoLab now automatically saves a draft of your in-progress work. This feature, previously available only for creating new feedback, has been extended to include edits as well.
  • Downloading many files at once is now fast and reliable. You can download multiple files efficiently without any issues, and there's virtually no limit on the amount you can download.
  • Sharing a workspace link with a portal guest ensures seamless redirection to the portal, eliminating any previously encountered errors.
  • Clicking feedback titles now selects all the text instead of moving the cursor to the end.
  • Performance improvements for notifications.
February 7, 2024

New file sharing controls for Windchill users

Company admins can now configure rules to control data transfer between Windchill PLM and CoLab workspaces.

  • Use a combination of exclusivities and restrictions to specify the files that can be uploaded to CoLab via the Windchill integration
  • Rules are based on file attributes and custom values chosen by the user
  • Unique rules can be designated for both restricted and unrestricted workspaces

To learn more about controlling file sharing between Windchill and CoLab, visit this knowledge base article.

December 5, 2023

Split View: View any two files side-by-side

In our August 23rd Update we introduced Split View, allowing side-by-side viewing of multiple revisions of the same file.

Starting today, you can use Split View to view any combination of files, including drawings and PDFs.

  • With a file open in the viewer, right-click any other file and select "Open in split view."
  • Split View now works with Follow Mode, enabling you to follow a peer's navigation in Split View.
  • When using Split View, feedback will be grouped by file.

To learn more about using split view, read this knowledge base article.

More Improvements

November 9, 2023

AI Review Summaries

You can now generate AI-assisted design review summaries in CoLab!

You can use AI-generated review summaries to:

  • Provide accurate updates to non-reviewing stakeholders with little effort
  • Surface issues that could easily go unnoticed, such as unresolved comments
  • Refresh yourself on the action items coming from any review

*This feature is not available in CoLab by default. Please contact your Customer Success Manger to enable it, and to answer any questions about how we use AI and protect your data.