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From “Going Paperless” to Today: Is the End in Sight for Engineering Drawings?

There’s been talk about “going paperless” for decades. The conversation has, of course, evolved over time—but what’s really at the root of the discussion? Putting buzzwords aside, what do all these paperless initiatives mean when it comes to engineering drawings?

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Collaborative Engineering 101: What is Co-Design and Why Does it Matter?

The basic concept of co-design makes sense—getting input early and often, from everyone who needs to be involved, so you end up with the best possible design—yet it hasn’t always been easy or feasible for engineering teams to put this concept into practice effectively. With new tools and collaborative capabilities, though, new ways of approaching co-design will be key to unlocking innovation.

How to Start Moving Your Design Team Toward Model-Based Definition

This post discusses ways your team can take action now to start building the organizational readiness needed to shift to model-based definition, and pave the path to becoming a Model-Based Enterprise.

Reducing Costs with Value Analysis and Value Engineering to Speed Up Post-COVID Recovery in Manufacturing

This post examines key data on how the pandemic has impacted manufacturing, how businesses have responded, and how strategically-implemented value analysis and value engineering (VA/VE) can play a strong role in the post-COVID comeback for manufacturers looking to speed up their recovery

5 Seriously Useful Tools Every Creo User Needs to Know About

We asked Mark Morreale, our product manager and an experienced professional engineer, what tools he’d consider seriously useful for PTC Creo users. Here are Mark’s top 5 recommendations for tools you can use along with Creo.


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