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Why engineering teams use PLM + CoLab to improve design quality

The most common question we get from engineering teams who already have a robust PLM in place is: Why do I need PLM and CoLab?

How do I organize and prioritize design review issues in CoLab?

CoLab makes it easy for teams to automatically track and prioritize design review issues. So you spend more time solving and less time searching for them.

How to bring your suppliers into design conversations

With CoLab, engineering teams engage suppliers earlier and more often in the product development process. Let’s see how!

How can CoLab surface design issues that could have been prevented?

Using CoLab, engineering teams can categorize, sort and analyze design review issues. Two key CoLab features accomplish this: Tags and Insights.

How to execute an effective DFM review with your suppliers

With CoLab, DFM is no longer an afterthought. Teams who use CoLab get better DFM feedback from suppliers faster and more often.

How do I add design review feedback in CoLab?

Leaving design review feedback in CoLab is not the painstaking markup process you're used to. See how easy it is to transform the way you do design review.

Sifting through email is costing you an on-time product launch

What if the cost of sifting through emails to find an engineering design decision isn't just costing you a few hours -- it's costing your entire product launch?

Still “unfreezing” design freezes? There’s a better way.

Design freeze unfreezes giving your team product development paranoia? A Design Engagement System works with your PLM and CAD systems to ease the madness.

How Ford Pro, iRobot, and Mainspring Energy stay on the same page with suppliers

We brought together industry veterans from Ford Pro, Mainspring, and iRobot to share their personal experiences with supplier collaboration. Here’s what they said.

3 real-world examples of companies winning more business by improving customer collaboration

This article rounds up 3 examples of engineering teams that changed the way they communicate with customers about design — and how it impacted the business.