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Higher Quality, Less Process: How Kraken Robotics leads in quality through design review efficiency.

How Kraken Robotics leads the industry in design review efficiency ahead of ISO certification.
Engineer or Process Admin?
5 Tips for a Remote Design Review
Success Story - Hyundai Mobis

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Engineer or Process Admin?

When you dreamed of becoming an engineer you probably imagined inventing new technology, building machines, and creating new solutions to solve the world’s problems. You probably didn’t imagine how many emails, issue spreadsheets, change orders, review meetings, and powerpoint decks would be involved along the way.

Next-Gen Drawing Reviews - Distributed, Digital & Collaborative

We are helping teams digitize their drawing review process so they can collaborate in real-time with their distributed team from anywhere in the world, including their own homes.

6 Ways CoLab Can Help You Go Remote

Now more than ever, teams are looking to go remote. With travel restrictions, work-from-home policies and disjointed supply chains, communication and productivity challenges are at an all time high.

CoLab's Commitment To Support Design and Manufacturing Teams Worldwide

COVID-19 has had a major impact on all of us, both personally and professionally. Following conversations with our customers, partners, and key stakeholders, we are excited to share the steps we are taking to help the manufacturing industry adapt to the new remote working environment, and to maintain the productivity and the safety of their teams.

CoLab Software

Engineering Review & Issue Tracking, Solved.