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CoLab makes your new product development process more effective by helping your team catch mistakes earlier, source components faster, and trace design decisions in seconds.

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Spot more opportunities, catch more mistakes

Most design review happens in meetings: one person controls CAD, everyone else just observes. What if you could make everyone an active participant in design review? With CoLab, multiple engineers can interrogate a model and give and receive feedback together in real time. When everyone gets engaged, teams spot new ideas and catch more mistakes.

Catch mistakes during review, not during testing

Mistakes happen. But it’s better to catch them earlier - during design review - rather than later, during testing. CoLab helps you catch more mistakes by standardizing your design review processes, so they happen early and often. CoLab’s Request Review workflows let you set up single or multistage reviews, request changes to files, track revisions, and close a review once all issues have been resolved.

Source the right components faster

CoLab simplifies supplier studies, so you can find the right solution faster. With CoLab, you can share native CAD securely with suppliers, even if they use a different CAD program than you do. If you’re getting proposals from multiple vendors, you can use Portals to share the same file with every vendor. Your internal team will see all design feedback from every vendor in one place. But the vendors will only see users and feedback from their own company.

Every review, every component, all in one place

Launching a new product means sourcing and integrating hundreds of components. How do you keep track of it all, when there’s multiple conversations happening about every component – all buried in a dozen peoples’ inboxes? With CoLab, all of your design review happens in one place and it’s tracked automatically. That means you can get a bird’s eye view - or trace any individual decision - in seconds.

“Being able to jump into CoLab and have it be so intuitive is definitely helpful... being able to show quick markups or snap to sections so anyone can clearly understand what our intents were—that was a big game-changer for me.”

Igor Beric
Manager - Global OE IVI
Hyundai Mobis North America

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  • Make everyone an active participant in every review
  • Standardize your review process and catch mistakes earlier
  • Get feedback from multiple suppliers to select the best solution

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