From Drawings to Models: Why Mechanical Engineering Skills Need to Evolve Along with Tech

While 2D drawings and documents haven’t disappeared completely yet, the move toward model-based methods of working is picking up serious steam. And just like the shift from drafting tables to CAD programs, this evolution is impacting the skills that are essential for mechanical engineers. So in September 2021, CoLab Software’s Mark Morreale and Action Engineering’s Jennifer Herron sat down for a live chat about skill development for the model-based world.

Collaborative Engineering 101: Helping Paper Lovers Embrace Digital

If your team is still (or once again) trying to phase out paper-based work, you might be trying to figure out how to help everyone get on board with a new digital process. This post offers suggestions for guiding your team through a process change, like going paperless or adopting a new digital tool, so you can get the buy-in you need to get everyone aligned on the same page.

Why Your Bill of Materials is as Critical as Your Design Data

CAD is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating physical products. While you may already understand that the Bill of Materials (BOM) plays an important role in product development, it’s worth taking time to consider where this critical item fits within your existing processes. After all, even with flawless design data, if your BOM isn’t right—your product won’t be, either.

Why is Simple Digital Collaboration a Challenge for Engineering Teams?

Why is it so challenging for engineering design teams to find simple ways to collaborate virtually? It’s a complicated question, but our team talks to engineers about this on a daily basis. Here are three broad themes we consistently hear from design teams trying to solve their digital collaboration challenges.

Hardware vs Software

Hardware engineering teams are working with tools that are 20 years behind their software engineering counterparts.

Engineer or Process Admin?

When you dreamed of becoming an engineer you probably imagined inventing new technology, building machines, and creating new solutions to solve the world’s problems. You probably didn’t imagine how many emails, issue spreadsheets, change orders, review meetings, and powerpoint decks would be involved along the way.

Using Jira for Hardware Development: What You Need to Know

Whether you specifically want to be more agile in your product design process or you simply want to find better ways for your team to work, here’s what you need to know about using Jira for hardware development.


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