Cost Reduction


How to Improve Automotive Profitability Through VA/VE

The automotive industry is notoriously competitive. Cars are one of the most significant expenses in consumers’ budgets, and price is often at the forefront of a buying decision. This post outlines some areas automotive OEMs can leverage the power of VA/VE to improve their offer to consumers in a highly competitive—and dynamic—landscape.

How to Infuse Supply Chain Optimization into Your VA/VE Strategy

VA/VE should be less a lever to pull when you need to improve profitability and more a strategic mindset shift in the approach to extracting the most value from a product's total cost of ownership (TCO). Given that emphasis, VA/VE principles are ideal tools to unlock profit while optimizing the supply chain. 

Real-World Examples of Value Analysis and Value Engineering

Value analysis (VA) and value engineering (VE) are powerful tools to improve profitability and sustainability that maintain VA/VE cornerstones of function and quality while reducing cost. The concepts are distinct, but even seasoned engineers often use the terms “VA” and “VE” interchangeably.

Strategies to Unlock Substantial Value In Your VA/VE Tools

Find the right tools for your next VA/VE initiative so your team can discover substantial, cost-improved design change options.

7 Steps for an Effective VA/VE Process that Protects Product Quality

Value analysis (VA) and value engineering (VE) are two methods to optimize product value through product-based cost savings. These terms differ because value engineering considers cost savings at the initial design phase, and value analysis considers existing products. Here are seven steps to perform a powerful VA/VE project.


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