How to execute an effective DFM review with your suppliers

Liam Waghorn

March 26, 2024


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For most companies, DFM is an afterthought.

Engineers throw the design over the stage gate wall to their suppliers. Then, they find out too late that a part isn’t toolable or the tolerances are too tight on a critical component.

With CoLab, engineers can invite their suppliers into a design review well ahead of a design freeze. Because CoLab lets you share 3D files in a simple interface. That way you can get manufacturability feedback, even from people that don’t have CAD or PLM licenses.

In this video, Liam walks us through a supplier DFM review.

Often, suppliers work with 2D drawings and rarely get access to 3D models. 

In this example, we've given them the drawing for this particular part, but also the 3D model. Using CoLab to conduct this DFM review means:

  • Your IP stays within your control because you’re not sending files over email. 
  • You don't have to worry about creating derivative formats like STP files so that the supplier is able to access a model. 
  • Your supplier doesn’t need a specific CAD or PLM license to access the model. They can access and leave feedback without purchasing their own CoLab license.

Giving your suppliers simultaneous access to the 2D drawing alongside the 3D model means you’re also receiving feedback on tolerances and part codes.

Once the review is complete, you can pass this markup on to the internal engineering team.

The important thing to note here is:

  1. You sent a file package to your supplier with both 2D drawings and 3D models
  2. The supplier accessed this without a complicated licensing agreement
  3. The supplier left feedback for your internal engineering team
  4. The internal engineering team confirmed the supplier suggestion
  5. The supplier can now act on this feedback

All in a matter of minutes.

Now, meetings are no longer your only option for DFM.  With CoLab, DFM is a continuous process – rather than an afterthought.

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March 21, 2024

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