How do I organize and prioritize design review issues in CoLab?

Liam Waghorn

April 19, 2024


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In this video, Liam will answer the question: How do we organize and prioritize design review issues and tasks in CoLab? 

Let’s start in a design review. In the right most panel, you’ll see a running list of the issues, ideas and tasks in this review.

The easiest way to organize individual feedback is through Tags and Priority assignment.

Organizing comments: Tags + Priority

In this example, this team uses Tags to indicate subject matter expert groups. This makes it very easy for someone in Electrical, Mechanical, Supplier Quality, etc. to easily filter feedback related to their discipline.

Now that you’ve organized the comment, next you’ll prioritize it.

Clicking into a single comment, you’ll see there’s a Priority option. Under Priority, you can categorize the comment as high, medium, or low priority. 

To make the most of a high priority item, you might assign this to a specific user and even change the status of the comment to indicate this comment is being addressed.

Prioritizing your tasks: Track + Filters

Now that we’ve leveraged Tags and Priority to organize a specific comment, how do we leverage this across the entire design review?

Jumping to the left-side panel under Feedback, you can view all the feedback across the Workspace.

Then, using the Filter option, you can select only high priority issues. Teams can leverage this to prioritize those across the review. 

Furthermore, using Tags by subject matter expert group allows you to see the high priority items by each group.

Filtering a layer deeper – by a specific Tag – lets your team see only the highest priority issues related to their team.

In the end, teams use CoLab because the tools and processes they’re accustomed to don’t do this. Spreadsheets, emails and meeting notes make it difficult to track, organize and prioritize design review feedback. So, engineers spend too much time digging for issues. Time that would be better spent solving the issues that were already tracked and discussed.

Teams who use CoLab to solve issues like this don’t just see small efficiency gains. They’re getting higher quality products to the market years sooner.

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April 19, 2024

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