What’s New in CoLab—September 2022

CoLab Team

September 7, 2022


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Using tags just got even easier

Tags are a powerful tool for sorting, organizing, and analyzing your work in CoLab. They’re a customizable way to categorize your feedback, making it possible to slice and dice information in useful ways. That’s why we’ve made tags even faster and simpler to use.

Now you can take advantage of quick tags. Company admins can choose 1-10 tags as companywide quick tags, which will show up as one-click buttons when leaving feedback. It’s like speed dial for your tags!

Plus, these additional upgrades make tags easier to access and leverage:

  • For tags that aren’t quick tags, the tag list is now searchable (instead of just scrollable)
  • Tags are now included in exports of Track (CSV) and company metadata

Your Track table, your way

Ever wished you could customize your Track table layout? Wish granted!

Track automatically pulls tons of valuable data into one place, giving you the bird’s-eye view of your feedback and reviews. Now you have more control over how it’s displayed.

Here are the new ways you can customize Track:

  • Resize — click to change the width of any column
  • Reorder — just drag and drop to rearrange columns
  • Hide — use a drop-down menu to hide or unhide columns (note: hidden columns will also be hidden when exporting from Track)

Find key info faster in Drive

It’s the age-old question: “Who uploaded this?”

So we made it easier to see key information at a glance. Just hover on a file, revision, or package name in Drive—you’ll quickly see who uploaded or created it, and when!

Workspaces added to global search

The global search bar lets you search across your entire CoLab account for files—and now, also for workspaces. 

When you type in a search, you’ll be able to easily tab between views. That means you can browse all search results, just files, or just workspaces.

September 7, 2022

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