What's New in CoLab—May 2022

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May 17, 2022


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View and markup images in CoLab

Now you can use CoLab for image files, too! This update makes it possible to open, view, and markup images. Supported file types are:

  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • png
  • gif
  • bmp

Group files together for review

Packages have been revamped to be specialized for design review. Easily group files together for review—such as models, drawings, supporting documentation, and image renderings. So you can make sure you always have the right files (and the right versions) bundled together.

New My Open Reviews widget

See where reviews stand at a glance! The Start Page now includes a My Open Reviews widget showing all open reviews assigned to you, or created by you. With the new widget, you can quickly get key info or easily click through for the full history.

More product data for SolidWorks files

Using CoLab for SolidWorks files? Good news! Now, right within Drive, you’ll automatically see PDM-generated data about the file’s version, revision, and state.

Feedback info at a glance

Files in Drive will now display a Feedback count for simple visibility into their status. You’ll see how many pieces of unresolved Feedback a file has—without needing to actually click through and open it. And for files with multiple revisions, separate indicators show the count for each revision.

Export your company data

Need to pull data from CoLab? No sweat. Company admins can now easily export all file and Feedback metadata in CSV format.

Easier Workspace management

Company admins now have complete visibility into all Workspaces across the company, even if they haven’t joined them. That means admins can see, join, edit, and contribute to any Workspace—no matter who created it.

It’s also easier to get a quick snapshot of any Workspace or Workspace folder. Now when you hover over those items on the Start Page, you’ll see information about the creator, the date it was created, and how many items it contains.

Bulk sharing made better

Multi-select for faster file sharing

Drive now lets you multi-select files, making it easy to bulk share to another Workspace.

Share to multiple Workspaces

You can now share files to multiple Workspaces at the same time. So no matter how you want to structure your work in CoLab, it’s always simple and quick to get the right info to the right people.

Resizeable side panels

Side panels such as Drive, Review, & Feedback are now resizeable! That means you can expand and resize things to suit your needs, or to show information that would otherwise be hidden.

May 17, 2022

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