What’s New in CoLab—July 2022

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July 12, 2022


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Here’s what you need to know about the latest changes and improvements in CoLab. These updates are live in the app now, if you want to head over and check them out firsthand!

Export full review history for any file

Now you can get an auditable report of all the review activity for any file, exported in one fell swoop. From the Review panel, you can export a timestamped PDF containing the full review history associated with a specific file—including all feedback and review information, across all review stages. 

So any time you need to produce records for an audit or client report, everything you need is just one click away.

Each Review history contains three sections:

  • Review metadata—Title, Due Date, Creator, Reviewers, Created Time, Completed Time, Status
  • Review activity—Creator, Date, Activity (includes all Review actions: requesting Review, closing Review, uploading revisions, Feedback, approvals, requesting changes, etc.)
  • Feedback metadata—Key, Title, Description, Status, Priority, Due Date, Creator, Assignee, Created Time, Modified Time, File, Review, Workspace

Introducing: unique Feedback keys

Every piece of Feedback in CoLab now has a unique key permanently associated with it. You’ll see Feedback keys in the top left corner of each Feedback item, as well as in places like Track or data exports. You can use them to clearly identify and refer to specific Feedback, both inside and outside of CoLab, without any mistakes or mix-ups.

Feedback showing its associated Feedback key JTS-56

Get more info from Track

Track Feedback has three new columns: 

  • Description—Displays the Feedback’s description text
  • Revision number—Tells you which revision the Feedback is associated with
  • Page—Displays the page number associated with a PDF markup

With these added columns, it’s easier to get more relevant information at a glance from within Track and to do whatever you need to do more quickly (like navigating a lengthy PDF to find a specific piece of Feedback).

Additionally, Track Reviews has a new filter. You can now check off “Show only overdue reviews” from the filter modal—helping you keep on top of all your work and prioritize tasks.

Create new Workspaces quickly

The Start page has a new quick action! That means Workspace setup just got faster and easier. 

Now you can perform any and all of these actions during the initial creation of a Workspace:

  • Name the Workspace
  • Invite users
  • Copy the folder structure of an existing Workspace
  • Enable downloading
  • Enable sharing for Full Access users

Improvements to Packages

Now there’s a new, additional option for creating slides for Packages. From the files tab, you can now select “Create Slide” right from the dropdown menu on any given file.

Also, the files and slides tabs now have badges that display a count—showing you at a glance what the contents of a Package are.

July 12, 2022

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