What’s New in CoLab—January 2023

CoLab Team

January 17, 2023


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An easier way to upload revisions

CoLab can now detect potential file matches for you! Instead of uploading revisions directly to an individual file, you can include revised files when uploading one or more files to Drive (yes, even in bulk).

As you upload, you can ask CoLab to suggest file matches. Based on the file names that exist in Drive, CoLab will identify any possible revisions.

Once you accept or decline the suggestions, your file(s) will upload accordingly as either a revision or a new file. Easy as that!

Improvements to markup tools

To make life easier, you’ll notice some new options when using markup tools in CoLab. 

There are now twice as many options to choose from for line width. 

The colour picker has also been simplified to offer six standard options, and six transparent versions for highlighting purposes.

Better visibility across your reviews

Never lose sight of revision progress. Previously, Track’s Kanban view would only display reviews for one workspace at a time. 

Now, you can see all in-progress reviews across a company — while still allowing you to filter by individual workspaces.

Custom workspace icons

You can now upload custom icons for a given workspace, making it easier to differentiate between different workspaces with just a glance.

January 17, 2023

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