What's New in CoLab—February 2022

CoLab Team

February 1, 2022


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Introducing All-new Design Reviews

Design Reviews just got a whole lot better. With a new look and feel, CoLab’s Design Reviews have been revamped to be faster and more powerful than ever before.

Customize your review stages

CoLab’s new Design Reviews easily adapt to your existing workflows. With more customizable and flexible review stages, you now have full control over how many stages your review goes through and what each stage is called.

Easier access to Design Reviews

Design Reviews have moved! Now located on the right-hand sidebar, all your relevant information and actions are easily accessible in the Review panel. You can see who’s reviewing, what their status is, how many Feedback items they’ve left, and more.

Convenient new activity feed

Within the Review panel, you’ll find a robust real-time history of everything that’s ever happened in a Design Review. It updates as you and your team work—so you can quickly get up to speed, see exactly where things stand, or even collaborate directly in the feed using interactive Feedback cards.

Tightly integrated with Track

Track just became even more powerful. You can now access the brand new Review panel directly from Track, which means you can quickly get the full picture of all your Design Reviews across every Workspace in CoLab.

February 1, 2022

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