What's New in CoLab—April 2022

CoLab Team

May 3, 2022


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New: Simplify your admin with User Groups

Managing all your users and Workspaces in CoLab just got easier. Now, company admins can create custom user groups for completing bulk actions. Once a group is created, you can set permissions and assign users to Workspaces—all at the group level, with just a few clicks.

  • Easily create user groups that suit your needs—set up as many as you want, however you want, and make changes whenever you want.
  • Manage Workspace access for all your user groups in one central location, making it simple to grant or remove access for multiple users at once.
  • Connect user groups directly to your company’s identity provider so that permissions and access to CoLab automatically stay synced with company changes.

Company-wide Security Settings

Company admins now have enhanced security options in CoLab. You have full control over the maximum amount of time that’s allowed to pass before:

  • users are logged out, due to inactivity.
  • users are required to log back in, regardless of inactivity.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Email addresses are now visible when adding or searching for users in the Invite to Workspace modal.
  • You can now select feedback markup while using the pan tool.
  • Click “See Details” to navigate directly to the full expanded view for any Feedback item, right from the Review activity feed.

April 26, 2022

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