New Feature: Checklists

Cody Colbert

March 10, 2024


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Announcing: Checklists

Checklists are a great way to ensure quality and completeness within a design review, whether it be a peer check, gate review, or final review.

By using the Checklists feature in CoLab, you can assign a specific checklist to any review. You can then link comments and leave notes on unique items on your checklist.

This helps your team understand which checklist items have been completed, why some items haven't, and what actions are needed.

How does it work?

More enhancements and fixes

  • The Description field has been moved to the top of the feedback card for greater visibility
  • Previously, the Review activity feed only showed feedback associated with the most current review. Now the activity feed will show feedback for all previous reviews of a given file.  
  • Fixed an issue where the comment box within the feedback panel would fall beneath the fold when making multiple comments, causing users to have to scroll down in order to leave further comments. 
  • Scrolling through feedback in the feedback panel will bring users to the most recent comment
  • Thorough capitalization audit and cleanup throughout application

May 23, 2023

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