What's Your Favourite Thing About Working at CoLab?

CoLab Team

June 14, 2021


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On the last Friday of January 2021, we thought we’d poll the team to find out what people like best about working at CoLab. 

Here’s what folks had to say:

TL: The people, every last one of you.

Adam T: That we had a data-driven approach to approach the quality of coffee being brewed in the office.

Riley: I agree with TL, it's absolutely the people. Almost every other thing I could come up with--both funny and serious--can be traced back to being the result of the people who work here, in some way.

Steph: Because "people" has already been said, I'm gonna go with the love of a good pair of funky socks! (Not funky-smelling though-- that’s a completely different story.)

Tyler: The work hard, play hard environment. We work our butts off but also enjoy having events, enjoy each others’ company, hang out, etc. It’s the culture in general, tbh: honest, open, and not fake.

Christina: Trying not to say “the people”! So, our collective values. CoLab’s foundation is built upon people who care about continuous learning, kindness, and self-improvement--with a little sprinkling of humour, fun, and energy, too.

Matt: I'd say the best thing about working here is that everyone has a mutual respect for each other, and respect can really go a long way. I've worked in a handful of industries in various jobs and the inequality of respect amongst management and coworkers was just kind of the norm, so it really blew me away when I started here and I actually felt valued and respected.

Dan: The team agreement that Mr. Sub is a sandwich restaurant, whereas Subway is a taco restaurant.

Bob: The team agreement that hot dogs aren’t sandwiches.

Adam T: What if I put a hot dog between two pieces of bread?

Dan: @Adam T Then it's a hot dog sandwich.

Robert: Working with a respectful and honest leadership team that truly values the thoughts and opinions of each and every team member. So... the people.

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