Meet The Team: Tahsin Prottoy, Full Stack Development Intern

CoLab Team

June 17, 2022


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Tell us a little about yourself, Tahsin!

I’m from Kishoreganj, a small city in Bangladesh situated by a river named Narashundha. Even though I grew up in a city by a river, I still don’t know how to swim—how ironic, huh? But I am good at playing sports and football is my favourite. Name a better duo than FF (Food and Football). Other than food and sports, I love to watch movies/TV series and Friends is my favorite. I also love to watch random short videos. I know you just thought about TikTok—but, another irony, I don't use TikTok ;). So that’s me: a guy who loves food, football, and Friends.

How did you first get into development?

I’ve always been a fan of video games and curious about technology. I remember when I first played FIFA I wondered how on earth can someone make it. Eventually I came to know there’s something called programming where you write a bunch of code and build software that people regularly use. But at that point, I still had no idea what “writing code” meant. Then later, I took a course and saw a guy on YouTube showing how to write Hello World in Python. And he said, “You just built your first program.” I was like, is it that easy? Lol. Then when I saw how you can do some really cool stuff just using a bunch of if statements and loops with print statements, I got interested and the coding train started. (Little did I know it’s a lot more than loops and if statements haha.)

Why did you first join CoLab? What’s the most exciting thing about working here?

When I was applying for internships as part of my degree, I came across a Full Stack Software Developer job posting from CoLab Software. After seeing the job posting I did some research… and once I got to know a bit more about the software, it blew my mind.

I was even more amazed during my interview with Steph, Liam, and Clinton. They were awesome and made the interview so comfortable that I felt like I was just talking with my friends about my projects. At that moment I knew I wanted to be part of this amazing team. And luckily, I did indeed get that opportunity!

The most exciting part has to be the people—along with the cool software we’re building. Each and every person is so energetic, supportive, helpful, and friendly that you can’t even imagine. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the partays ;).

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?

One has to be my laptop, just to watch Friends again and again! And the other has to be a football, just to freestyle haha.

June 17, 2022

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