2021 CoLab Podcast Roundup

Meagan Campbell

January 19, 2022


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Looking for a new podcast to listen to? In 2021 CoLab CEO Adam Keating had some great conversations with people from across the engineering, manufacturing, and tech world. So we’ve gathered all the episodes into this roundup post for you.

Here are six podcast episodes that Adam appeared on during 2021!

Build the Future, Episode 47: Adam Keating of CoLab — The Future of Engineering, Collaboration, and Work

(38 min)

Cameron Wiese talks with CoLab CEO Adam Keating about what CoLab is building, the future of engineering work, and Hyperloops.

Where to listen: Apple, buildthefuturepodcast.com, Google Podcasts, Spotify

The Manufacturing Executive, Episode 55: Problem-Solving Digitization w/ Adam Keating

(25 min)

On this episode of The Manufacturing Executive Podcast, Gorilla 76 co-founder Joe Sullivan talks to Adam Keating about CoLab’s origin story, what makes for a truly successful digitization strategy, and how manufacturing can catch up from being 20 years behind the software world when it comes to collaborative tools.

Where to listen: Apple, Google Podcasts, Gorilla76.com, Sounder.fm, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube

A Deeper Dive, Episode 10: Adam Keating — CoLab Software

(19 min)

Hosted by Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, A Deeper Dive focuses on game-changing ocean projects and the people making them happen. In this episode, Nichola Anderson talks with Adam Keating about the growing demand for digital collaboration tools in the ocean economy.

Where to listen: Apple, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify

WBSRocks, Episode 124: Grow Your Business by Avoiding Increased Admin Efforts With Inefficient Engineering Design Revision Processes w/ Adam Keating

(41 min)

Sam Gupta from ElevatIQ talks with Adam Keating about design revision processes in engineering and manufacturing, how legacy PLM systems were built for record-keeping versus real-time collaborating, and why the user experience is a crucial part of successful software adoption.

Where to listen: Apple, Google Podcasts, podcast.wbs.rocks, Spotify, Stitcher

MFG OutLoud, Episode 53: The Goal Is to Innovate, Not Administrate

(31 min)

When Ray Ziganto first heard about CoLab, he “geeked out instantly.” On this episode of the MFG OutLoud podcast, Ray talks to Adam Keating about CoLab’s mission and why it’s so important to empower engineering teams with the right tools to collaborate effectively together.

Where to listen: Anchor.fm, Apple, Google Podcasts, MFGOutLoud.com, Spotify, YouTube

Creators at the World's Edge: From Silicon Valley to Silicon Harbour | Adam Keating, CoLab Software

(25 min)

In this episode of TechNL’s podcast, Creators at the World's Edge, host Carol Bartlett talks with Adam Keating about the decision to start CoLab and give engineering teams a better way to collaborate.

Where to listen: Anchor.fm, Apple, Spotify

January 7, 2022

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