Accelerated design reviews for the world's top shipbuilding teams.

Shipbuilding is design work on a massive scale—so every second wasted sets you back. CoLab is the only tool purpose-built to make design review dead-simple, quality-focused, and 2x faster for world-leading shipbuilders and their collaborators.

Build tomorrow’s ships 2x faster.

Lead the future of shipbuilding with an agile process for bringing your visions to life, faster. All your drawings and models are centralized with your design discussions and admin is automated—so following process is easy, changes are reduced, and quality is always prioritized.

Supercharged Design Review Process

No matter where your team is working, or who they’re collaborating with, CoLab brings everyone (and every file) together for the greatest efficiency, agility, and straight-up speed. Tag a teammate in an issue, use a secure link for simple external sharing, pin a comment directly on a model for total clarity, filter the Issue Dashboard to see your priority tasks, track your progress with visual oversight, manage ISS Support issues—even digital skeptics will instantly see how using CoLab dramatically cuts down on email noise, version confusion, and the need for So. Many. Meetings.

All Your 2D/Drawing Review Needs

Whether it’s self-checks for quality, peer checks, approvals, or any other review process—you can simplify it with CoLab and the LEADR framework. External sharing is seamless plus CoLab is easy for anybody to set up and use, with intuitive markup and feedback tools organized into a simple interface. So all your collaborators have a go-to place to get the latest version of every drawing and 2D file they need, with all the file’s issues and conversations linked directly to it.

Model Review Without The Headaches

CoLab is the best way to communicate feedback about large, complex ship models. Forget the pains of file size limits or trying to screenshot a single issue within a massive 3D design—CoLab’s dynamic web viewer makes it manageable to share and review models with anybody. Click an issue and CoLab takes you directly to the precise model location you need to review: zero confusion. Push your latest file from Ship Constructor, Navisworks, or any native tool you’re using for fast and easy feedback.

The fastest route to the finest-quality ships.

Build quality KPIs into every step of your process, from self-checks to approvals, while getting reviews done twice as fast. Make everything easier, from set-up and sharing to admin and oversight—so you can focus on the hard work that separates your ships from the rest.

Formalize your best practices.

Hit your quality standards the first time and minimize expensive changes: CoLab’s LEADR framework maps your best practices into standardized, easy-to-follow workflows with visible oversight that keeps everything on track.

Automate your record-keeping.

Records, histories, versions, every last piece of feedback—it’s all automatic in CoLab. While you work, CoLab keeps track of everything for you so it’s always right there when you need to look back on it.

Easy set-up, easy roll-out.

Ships aren’t built by a single team, but getting everyone on board CoLab is quick and painless: no downloads or time-consuming training. (Designers using CoLab even tell us it makes reviews fun!)

Review twice as fast.

When we say “twice as fast,” we mean twice as fast. Get the admin out of the way and protect shipyard schedules with your fastest review cycles ever.

Compatible with shipbuilders’ essential tools.

Whatever CAD/3D tools you work with, you can use them with CoLab. Over 60 file formats are supported including major industry programs like ShipConstructor or Navisworks—so it’s simple to push your latest file to CoLab and share for review.

What Our Customers Think 

Why listen to us, when world-leading ship designers have already implemented CoLab for themselves? Innovative shipbuilders around the world love using CoLab.

"Not having to share paper around is a huge time-saver. When a designer asks me to look at something, I can be there in seconds. CoLab is always open on our computers. It tracks the work from the review to construction stage."

Jessica Chiasson
Designer III / Lead

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