Fast reviews for global industrial equipment teams.

Align global efforts for your best-quality products—without wasting time and money on catchable mistakes. CoLab is the only tool purpose-built for industrial equipment teams and their collaborators to deliver the best possible product by getting reviews done quickly and effectively, on a global scale.

Product quality you’re proud of (without all the ECOs).

Nothing saves as much time and money as getting things right the first time. CoLab lets your team catch issues sooner, avoid expensive changes, and keep their focus on quality—where it belongs.

Fast Global Design Reviews

Discuss designs, identify issues, track reviews and tasks—all from one central hub that lets you work better remotely while cutting down on meetings. CoLab connects your global design and manufacturing network with your CAD/PLM data and all the conversations around them. Feedback is easy for anyone, anytime, anywhere. No more delays. No more confusion. CoLab keeps everyone on the same (secure) page and gets reviews done 25-50% faster.

Virtual Value-Added Engineering

Hitting peak product value doesn’t happen by accident. Use CoLab to create a structure for virtual value-added engineering that gets your entire global team focused on finding product improvements and cost savings. CoLab lets you work together in real-time with everything tracked and organized for you, so you can solve complex problems and discover new efficiencies or innovations—and achieve your best possible products and processes.

Standardized, Easy-to-Follow Workflows

Make it easy for everyone to do design reviews the right way, every time. Bringing your review workflows into CoLab gives your team a clear process to follow and a single source of truth to work from—which prevents expensive changes and drives down product cost. Sharing designs for feedback is simple, inside or outside your team, and the interface is easy for anyone to use. With standardized processes, dashboard oversight, and automatic feedback tracking, you can finally feel confident nothing will slip through the cracks.

Built for global industrial design teams who need agility.

Ditch the meeting mindset! Centralize your global communications about product development and link them directly to your CAD files and PLM data sources. Design your highest-quality products, at speed and at scale.

High quality, low cost.

Don’t let your focus get pulled away from what matters: quality, and cost. Get the admin out of the way so your team only has to worry about the product, the process, and the best design for the job.

Painless for anyone to use.

No downloads or time-consuming training. Anyone with internet and a web browser can use CoLab easily, even if they don’t use CAD. (And the intuitive interface is so seamless, we’ve been told it’s “fun” to use!)

Tracked, centralized comms.

Find everything, fast. All your design communications are centralized in CoLab, automatically tracked, and tied to your CAD/PLM files so you always have complete context.

Global product design agility.

Getting all the input you need—across companies, countries, time zones, and languages—doesn’t need to be so hard. CoLab minimizes meetings so your global product development process is more agile.

Integrates with your CAD/PLM ecosystem.

Use the same CAD/PLM tools you’re already using! CoLab supports 60+ file formats including all major industry software, like Creo or Windchill. Whether you use a native integration, a custom API, or simply drag-and-drop your files, it’s painless to get your latest designs and data into CoLab for feedback.

What Our Customers Think 

Why listen to us, when leading industrial equipment teams have already implemented CoLab for themselves? Top engineers around the world love using CoLab.

"Interacting with a global engineering and manufacturing organization, it's critical to keep all parties 'on the same page.' With CoLab we have that ability for various functional groups around the world to all be reviewing or commenting, live or around-the-clock, on the same exact model."

Mike Zamalis
VP Global Chiller Product Engineering

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Daniel Cannon
Head of Marketing at Google

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John Carter
Head of Marketing at Google

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