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Catch Expensive Changes, Launch Faster

CoLab is the backbone for program execution excellence and the tool that can unite design and manufacturing teams throughout the supply chain.

Unite Your Teams

"The app was amazing to have on the shop floor during our build. I would say 2 thumbs up!"

Engineering Manager
Fortune 500 Industrial Equipment Leader

“By having a universal issue tracking system and an API we can work with, I see CoLab integrating well with our digitization plans”

Top 10 Global Energy Company

PLM is a powerful system of record, but it's cumbersome interface and workflows leads your team to revert to spreadsheets, emails and screenshots to keep up with the iterative, rapid design and manufacturing process.

When you need to quickly make a change, solve a problem or collaborate with someone outside the office - do you turn to PLM? Likely not. CoLab is a tightly integrated platform, tied directly to your PLM that allows you to maintain the integrity of your PLM data and keep up with the pace of your design and manufacturing.

CoLab quickly becomes the place your team works. Our industry leading issue tracking and digitization will help your team catch issues early and resolve them, while reducing review cycles by 50%.

Connect the Digital Thread, Collaborate Globally.

One Issue Tracking Solution

Capture detailed issues directly linked to your key design data in a matter of minutes, and make all related information instantly available to collaborators. From early design through production, CoLab is a single platform for all of your issue tracking requirements.

Shorten Review Cycles

CoLab provides a one-stop hub for teams to share content, review together and find resolutions to problems. Our customers have cut 25-50% of their review cycles out by switching to CoLab and we will make this change across the entire industry

Digital Twins

All of your communications and decisions are spatially linked to your model so you can quickly make informed decisions and get value throughout the entire lifecycle.

Stop wasting your valuable time managing reviews and issues, start solving problems to save money and deliver on time.

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Lifecycle Issue Tracking

Built for engineering workflows from early design through production

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3D Design Review

Simple, integrated reviews with industry-leading security

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Collaborative Drawing Reviews

Redline any PDF with your team together, in real-time

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3D Work Instructions

Clear work instructions that provide all of the context instantly

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Program Task Management

Coordinate change packages reviews with all stakeholders

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Supply Chain Collaboration

Simplify your supply chain, without the IP risks

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CoLab Software

Engineering Review & Issue Tracking, Solved.