Hit your cost-down targets with less effort

CoLab gives you a way to standardize your cost reduction approach and run virtual or hybrid events — so you can spend less time on logistics, include more people, and start executing ideas sooner.

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How it works

Generate more cost reduction ideas during NPD

By giving engineering teams an easy way to interact with CAD data together, CoLab makes it easy to generate more (and better) cost-reduction design ideas during new product development.


Include your extended team to make cost-saving decisions

When deadlines are tight, it's hard to include subject matter experts from other teams in design decisions, even if they could help cut costs. With CoLab, you can easily bring in experts from other areas during new product development, so you don’t miss chances to save money.

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Implement ideas faster

Cost-saving ideas only work if they get implemented, so we take the admin work off your plate and let you focus on executing. CoLab allows you to prioritize ideas by effort, impact, and potential savings. Now you can effortlessly refine your long list of ideas, confidently decide which to implement, and quickly get the right people involved to start executing.

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You don’t need yet another disconnected software solution. That's why CoLab does two things: 

  • It integrates with your CAD and PLM software to create a connected tech ecosystem.
  • It replaces the 5-10 apps you use to complete a single process workflow with 1-2 apps (CoLab + PLM, for example)

CoLab supports more than 70 file types, including native and neutral CAD and integrates with many PLM/PDM systems. 

Aside from engineering system integrations, CoLab also integrates with Jira and supports security protocols, like SSO, user permissions and more.


Case Studies

cost reduction
Product Redesigns

“The way we were doing our work is the same way that everyone else has traditionally been doing their work. Take screenshots [of a design], put that into a slide deck, and send that slide deck around for comments. Then you’re getting 10 people in a conference room for an hour. That's how we were doing things, but we knew there had to be a better way.”

Kevin walters
Kevin Walters
Senior Director of Hardware Engineering
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Better products start with better design conversations.

If you’re ready to see how CoLab can transform the way you work with suppliers, here’s how the process works.

  • Every conversation starts with a discovery call. During this call, a technical expert will understand your team’s challenges with design review today
  • Then, we’ll tailor a demo to address those challenges. This demo includes you, of course, but also some key members from your team who can speak to your challenges in greater detail and vet CoLab as the solution.
  • Finally, we do a workshop with more members of your team. This is the fun part! During this workshop, your team will each have temporary CoLab licenses and participate in a sample design review. You and your team will be guided through key features and use cases right inside the CoLab platform.
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