High Voltage Collaboration

Tesla and Edison electrify a Tesla coil design review with CoLab.

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 "Oh, the wonders of technology! With CoLab, my genius flows unhindered, unencumbered, and unshackled by the limitations of physical distance.  Now, with just a few clicks and a sprinkle of digital wizardry, my colleagues and I can shape the future together, channeling our ideas and innovation into a magnificent symphony of progress. It's a true shock to the system, in the most delightful way!"

Nikola Tesla
Captain of the Coil

Finally, design review in 3D

You design in 3D; you should be able to review in 3D. But having one person open CAD and share their screen doesn’t cut it. CoLab lets multiple people review 3D models together. You’re able to see everyone’s feedback populate in real time, so nobody is repeating or contradicting each other. With CoLab, it’s easy for everyone to participate and get engaged.

Better feedback, from more engineers

CoLab brings together CAD, drawings, metadata, and feedback all in one place. That means everyone has the right information and context to contribute to a design review, and you don’t have to rely on your most experienced people to fill in the blanks for everyone else.

Standardize reviews with checklists

Whether it’s a quick peer check or a formal gate review, using a checklist is a smart way to ensure quality and confidence in your reviews. Using CoLab to facilitate your checklists takes this a step further. By associating specific comments and design feedback to individual checklist items, your team will have a complete understanding of how checklist items are satisfied, or why they weren’t.

Actually used (and loved) by engineers building the world’s most complex products

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  • Easily review designs together, in 3D
  • All your feedback, tracked and organized automatically
  • Standardize design reviews and prevent catchable mistakes

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Case Study

Hyundai Mobis won new business and strengthened OEM relationships with CoLab

“Fiat Chrysler Automotive is constantly sending revisions to their parts or components. With CoLab, we can go in and see what it was versus what it is now, so we can assess the changes much better than we could before.”


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