Behind every feat of engineering… are thousands of design decisions

What if you could make those decisions 2x faster?

Engineering teams use CoLab to engage in meaningful, productive design conversations to catch preventable mistakes and get to market faster.

50% of engineering teams working on new products say speed is the #1 priority

So what's slowing you down?

Sharing files should be simple, but it’s a nightmare

Missed mistakes turn into redesigns

Engineers are stuck updating spreadsheets

Info gets buried in messy email chains

Make better design decisions, faster

CoLab lets you share design files and feedback, all tracked in one place. With more context and less admin work, teams can review designs 2x faster.

With a Design Engagement System, your engineering collaboration stays organized

Secure File Sharing
Share drawings and 3D models with anyone, while controlling who has permission to view and download files.

Contextualized Feedback
Pin design feedback directly on a drawing or 3D model, so there’s never any confusion.

Automatic Feedback Tracking
As you review a file, CoLab automatically tracks and organizes your design feedback for you.

System of record, meet system of engagement

CoLab does for design conversations what your PLM system does for product data. As your go-to tool for engineering collaboration, CoLab centralizes all the decision-making that happens in between CAD and PLM. So getting feedback is simpler, faster, and automatically tracked in one place.

Ready to rock with practical use cases

No need to overcomplicate it. CoLab is built with practical use cases in mind that focus on the areas with maximum impact for your team—so you can get up and running in weeks, not years.

Cost Reduction

CoLab helps engineering teams achieve 6, 7, and 8-figure cost reduction targets by giving you a repeatable way to run highly engaging value analysis events with groups of any size.

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Supplier Collaboration

It shouldn’t be hard to tap into your supplier’s expertise. CoLab lets you share CAD securely with suppliers, enabling fast and effective Design for Manufacturability (DFM) conversations.

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Design Reviews

Whether you’re discussing a prototype or a production drawing, CoLab makes sure everyone is on the same page. Review designs together, in 3D, and pin feedback directly to a model or drawing.

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Engineering teams are transforming the way they work with CoLab


lead time reduction


cost reduction on a key assembly


cost savings in a single event

In six months, the key success point was that we did a cost reduction redesign of our product enclosure. We realized we'd landed a 50% cost reduction on that, and our overall design cycle was half the time of prior design cycles.”

- Kevin Walters, Senior Director Hardware Engineering at Mainspring Energy

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Better products start with better design conversations.

Curious how CoLab can help you with that? Let’s talk.


Deliver better products, faster.