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A CoDesign tool that makes it easy to share and review design files, so you can focus on the work that matters without missing a beat (or a bolt).

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Untangle your workflows

Purpose-built for engineering but flexible enough to be configured for your team’s unique needs, CoLab frees you from the mess of emails, marked-up PDFs, slide decks filled with screenshots, and all the other clutter.

Your Old Workflow

Your CoLab Workflow

Ready for a simpler way to
collaborate on design?


Is your process getting in the way of your work?


Does it feel like you do more admin than engineering?


Are catchable mistakes getting missed—or even repeated?


Does trying to clarify a drawing note leave you even more confused?

Introducing CoLab

It's CoDesign made easy. Share and review designs with anyone, capture and track feedback automatically, and make traceability simple with a flexible process tailored to your team.

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No more clutter & chaos.

All your reviews, all in one place—without all the emails, slideshows, & spreadsheets.

Get everyone on the same (easy-to-use) page.

Always know where things stand, how they happened, and what your next steps are.

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Better feedback from more people.

Get input from anyone, earlier and more often, with the full design context right there.

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What your peers are saying.

For us, strong customer relationships are an integral part of building a great product. We listen closely, iterate continuously, and treat our customers as collaborators—which is how, together, we’ve partnered with teams to achieve some pretty incredible results. See for yourself what the world’s top innovators are saying about CoLab!

“I really don’t think we would have delivered the quality we did without CoLab. We have at-home figured out and we’re really efficient. We can get a block from a client and back to them in a week and I don’t think any other team could do that without CoLab.”

Jessica Chiasson
Designer III / Lead

“Being a web-based tool, there's no software distribution or installation—and very little training. It's VERY intuitive, with easy-to-understand icons. We typically 'train' during our event kickoffs.“

Mike Zamalis
VP Global Chiller Product Engineering

"For me, this is a one-stop-shop for design reviews. If I go to CoLab and open my dashboard, that’s my review task list right there—keeping me on top of what’s next."

Greg Walsh
Mechanical Team Lead

“Reviewing changes is much, much faster and much more accurate for my engineering team."

Hak Park
Engineering Manager



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