How Bissell and TPI Composites Plan to Transform Design Review in 2024

“Yeah, we share files from PLM over email. It’s not secure, but it’s a problem we’re living with.”

“Yes, we do markup on CAD screenshots nestled in PowerPoint decks. It’s not easy, but it’s a problem we’re living with.”

“Yep, we do most of our design review in meetings. Not everyone participates, but it’s a problem we’re living with.”

Sound familiar? Most engineering teams are living with many problems during the design review process including the ones above.

But why?

It’s easy to assume the problems aren’t big enough. Emailing files, doing markup on screenshots, planning lots of meetings — taken alone these seem fairly innocent, if annoying.

However, the best engineering companies today notice a trend.

  • Unsecure email file attachments = Loss of critical IP and file version control
  • CAD screenshot markups buried in slides = Loss of essential design decision-making and follow-up
  • Meetings as the vehicle for design review = Expert opinions left uncaptured

So, instead of living with their design review problem, they do something about it. They change it.

That’s what’s in store for you during this month’s CoLab Panel. 

You’ll hear from Associate Director of Technical Services, Jeff Melick at BISSELL and Director of Global Engineering, Tyler Phillips at TPI Composites on what two enterprise engineering programs are changing about their design review processes this year.

Bring your questions!

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Feb 15, 2024
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12:00PM EST

March 21st, 2024 | 12 PM EST

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What to expect from the live panel

During the panel, Adam Keating, CEO and Taylor Young, CSO at CoLab Software will lead Jeff and Tyler through their experiences in engineering, product development and especially how they identified and prioritized solving design review problems in their organizations.

You’ll get the full picture, too.

Jeff and Tyler will discuss not only design review prioritization, but also the strategies and tactics they’re implementing to change their design review processes in 2024.

Because the panel is live, you can ask questions and get actionable methods on how you can:

  • identify a problem or gap in your design review process, workflows and/or tech systems;
  • how to prioritize solutions to the problems;
  • how to rally your team around design review process changes; and
  • what impact you can expect as you work through changing design reviews inside your organization.

Because what engineer doesn’t love a good problem to solve? 


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