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You have real design expertise to offer your customers and prospects. Don’t let outdated communication methods get in the way. CoLab makes sharing CAD easy and lets you create interactive design review experiences, putting your team’s design expertise front and center.

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How it works

Simplify file sharing with customers and OEMs

CoLab lets you share over 70 file types, including native CAD from Creo, CATIA, Solidworks and more. With a stable, secure 3D viewer right in your web browser, you won’t have to waste time uploading files via slow FTP connections.

Win more RFQs with interactive technical reviews

Make your technical expertise a competitive advantage when bidding for new business. CoLab lets you set up interactive technical reviews with your OEM partners. Propose design solutions by sharing 3D models and highlighting key issues or improvements. Then, exchange feedback with customers in real time, in context, and in 3D.

Stay on top of ECNs

CoLab makes it easy for OEM partners to share design details, when they send you an engineering change notice. With CoLab, your OEM partners can highlight specific areas of a model or drawing when it changes. Your team can compare before and after, assess the change, and respond accordingly.

Protect IP while sharing securely

“We send PDFs through email all the time, knowing it’s not secure.” We hear this from engineering teams every day. Because there’s just not a convenient way to share files with customers other than email. Using CoLab, companies can share PDFs, 3D models, data sheets and more with customers – without risking an IP breach.


CoLab provides secure file sharing that works with your PLM system, so you can get better, faster design feedback from your suppliers.

Speed up the supplier review process

Does this sound familiar?

  • You create a file package for your supplier to review.
  • You send that package via email or a PowerPoint link.
  • You wait… and wait… and wait for your supplier to review the files
  • You set up a meeting to review the final quotes.

Customer collaboration case studies

IMI recognized that effective communication about designs, both within the team and with customers, was crucial for winning new business. In the quoting phase, IMI uses CoLab alongside their customers to form an understanding of key requirements and design the best solution. As a result, they recently won a new contract, which they hope to develop into a multimillion-dollar line of business.

improvement on customer lead time
Product Redesigns

“We were able to utilize CoLab to define and solve the customer problem more quickly and effectively, resulting in this contract,” explains Robert. “We're now getting on board one of the older legacy submarines. When the customer qualifies us as a vendor in that phase, it opens up the whole aftermarket and upgrade business. We’ve also started discussions about their new submarine – all because we made a great impression by solving a small problem first.”

Kevin walters
Robert Taylor
Technical Director
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Better products start with better design conversations.

If you’re ready to see how CoLab can transform the way you work with suppliers, here’s how the process works.

  • Every conversation starts with a discovery call. During this call, a technical expert will understand your team’s challenges with design review today
  • Then, we’ll tailor a demo to address those challenges. This demo includes you, of course, but also some key members from your team who can speak to your challenges in greater detail and vet CoLab as the solution.
  • Finally, we do a workshop with more members of your team. This is the fun part! During this workshop, your team will each have temporary CoLab licenses and participate in a sample design review. You and your team will be guided through key features and use cases right inside the CoLab platform.
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