Increase design speed through better design review

They key to staying competitive is transforming how people work together to evolve designs.

Modern Engineering Hurdles

In a world driven by relentless innovation, engineering and design teams aren't just up against technical challenges. They're wrestling with communication gaps, fragmented workflows, and ever-increasing customer demands. A disjointed process doesn't just delay product launches—it jeopardizes quality and drives up costs.

Disconnected Process

The whole process is manual, frustrating, and disconnected.

Endless Meetings

Visibility and oversight require endless updates, emails, and meetings.

Wasted Time

Teams spend more time doing admin work than actual review.

Slow Cycles

Review cycles are slow, especially outside of the immediate team.

Silos of Information

All communications and critical feedback/review data live in silos.

Increased Risk

Key errors are missed and result in manufacturing changes, and risk exposure.

These challenges can turn into big issues:

Errors slipping to later stages, increasing rework and delays
Having to compromise time to market for quality, or vice versa
Missed cost reduction targets or lower gross margins
Last minute changes from suppliers, leading to late deliveries

How companies use CoLab to increase design speed and overcome big issues:

Formal Design Review
  • Drawing Reviews and Approval
  • Gate Reviews
  • Change Reviews
  • Data Driven Design Improvements
  • Documentation and Audit Automation

Core Values

Accelerate Time to Market

Reduce Costly Mistakes

External Collaboration
  • Secure File Sharing / Viewing
  • RFQ Collaboration
  • DFM Collaboration
  • Visual Change Notifications

Core Values

Accelerate Time to Market

Reduce Costly IP Breaches

Cost Reduction
  • Virtual Cost Reduction Events
  • Integrated Value Engineering
  • VA/VE Idea Prioriation and Mgmt
  • BOM Reviews

Core Values

Execute More Quality Ideas

Reduce Product Costs

The Results

Value you'll see immediately:

  • Faster review cycles
  • More mistakes caught earlier
  • Better collaboration, better decisions
  • Visibility on progress
  • Actionable and contextual feedback
  • Minimal administrative work
  • Simple, secure sharing with anyone
  • Better team dynamics and emphasis on collaboration
  • Your engineers will start having fun again

Value you'll see in 12 months:

  • Traceable and repeatable design review process
  • Decreased cost of engineering changes
  • Less repeat-offending mistakes
  • Better understanding of decisions
  • Better knowledge sharing, legacy silos disappear
  • Reduction in "up to speed time" for new employees
  • Data to determine where to invest in improvements
  • Top talent envious of tools and processes
  • Team deemed "the innovator" that others look to for help

CoLab is trusted by Fortune 500s and innovators. Here’s what our users say about us:

“Being a web-based tool, there is no software distribution nor installation and very little training. It is VERY intuitive with easy-to-understand icons. We typically ‘train’ during one of our event kickoff sessions.”

Mike Zamalis
VP Engineering

“In six months, I think the key success point was that we did a cost reduction redesign of our product enclosure. We realized we’d landed a 50% cost reduction on that, and our overall design cycle was half the time of prior design cycles. So something that used to take a full year, we got it done in six months."

Kevin Walters
Senior Director

“CoLab digitizes all of that. It creates that design environment on a single online platform, so it simplifies that product design journey – makes it much more interactive, collaborative and quicker turnaround times.”

Milan Shah

“When it comes to sharing data and being able to transfer accurate files between the three different parties, it’s really important for us to be able to make sure we’re all working on the same piece of CAD, so that there’s no ambiguity when it comes to what we’re discussing.”

Dr. James Kerr
Engineering Director

“But one of the best things about CoLab? All the time it saves by cutting out needless slideshow prep and manual admin work… CoLab helps make the onboarding process a breeze"

Igor Beric
Global Manager

"We figured out that CoLab would basically resolve our issues and get us off the paperwork and the manual process, to something more digital. Not only would this satisfy our immediate needs, but also it would open up new opportunities for the organization."

Ivan Filipic

Ready for more productive design conversations?

  • Easily review designs together, in 3D
  • All your feedback, tracked and organized automatically
  • Standardize design reviews and prevent catchable mistakes

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