Why CoLab + Siemens Teamcenter?

Design reviews are where your most important product decisions get made. But the tools engineering teams have today aren't built to handle the cross-functional collaboration these teams desperately need. See why teams choose CoLab and Siemens PLM to bring more stakeholders into design reviews -- so they launch better products, faster.

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So what is CoLab? Is it a collaboration platform?

Yes, but collaboration is a broad term that means different things to different people. Your engineering team probably uses a bunch of tools for collaboration already—things like PDM, PLM, Jira, Confluence, and Microsoft Teams.

So where does CoLab fit in? CoLab is a cloud based platform purpose built for fast, effective design review. Using CoLab, multiple engineers, designers, and other stakeholders can review designs together and build off one another's feedback.

CoLab makes it easy to review the right data (including CAD) with all the right people, capture useful feedback, and track issues through to action. CoLab pulls together design discussions previously lost in emails, spreadsheets, and notebooks into a single platform that integrates back into PLM. We call it a Design Engagement System.

How does it work?

Assemble design files and start reviewing faster

Create a CoLab workspace and share 30+ file types from your desktop or PLM. CoLab automatically converts native or neutral CAD into a web viewable format. When you request a review, your reviewers can click a link to open the CAD right in their web browser, without downloading any software.

Manipulate models for maximum clarity

Use an array of sectioning, measurement, exploding, and viewer modes to fully understand the geometry of a model, and add to the clarity of your comments.

Discuss issues and ideas on the CAD itself

CoLab lets you pin issues and comments directly on any 2D or 3D file. All design comments have their own view state, so you won’t be left wondering what a comment was referring to.

Reply to design feedback and make decisions together

All design feedback can be replied to directly. Reviewers can @mention one another to call attention to specific pieces of feedback, and turn design comments into design discussions.

Quickly retrace your steps

Feedback from all of your reviews is automatically recorded and organized for you. Sort and filter design feedback to understand why decisions were made, who made them, and what needs to be done next.

Make your review data work for you

CoLab will tell you the average time it takes to complete reviews, address feedback, and show you the types of issues that are coming up more often than others

Connecting CoLab with Siemens PLM and CAD is fast, easy and secure.

CoLab integrates with major PLM systems, including Windchill, Teamcenter, and 3DXperience. You can share CAD directly to CoLab from your PLM, maintaining critical data associations. Because CoLab accepts 30+ file types, it’s easy to review native CAD, even if you’re working with a supplier or customer that uses a different CAD tool.

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How Ford Pro uses Teamcenter + CoLab to collaborate with customers faster

Ford Pro rolled out CoLab with a few customer partners. Right away, the productivity impact was clear. Projects completed using CoLab were finished 30% faster, resulting in shorter lead times. That means commercial fleet operators getting high quality converted vehicles faster.

reduction in lead time
Product Redesigns

"30% reduction in lead time means less waiting time for customers. Now that is FORD pro and Productivity accelerated."

Kevin walters
Milan Shah
Ford Pro Special Vehicles
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