A better way to talk about design. Feedback lets you have those crucial back-and-forth conversations directly on your 2D or 3D files—all tracked for you, with the full mechanical context right there.

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Why it matters

Feedback is a simpler, more productive way to communicate that frees you from redlining on paper or in Adobe, sending CAD screenshots in PowerPoints or emails, and using spreadsheets or Word docs to respond to comments—so you can focus on engineering instead of admin work.

More context, less confusion

Pin issues and comments directly on any 2D file, and even tag to specific geometry in a 3D model, so conversations always happen with full mechanical context right there where you need it.

Stop feeling scattered

Give your design tasks, feedback, and decisions a dedicated homebase—instead of trying to organize info from email chains, chat histories, slide decks, spreadsheets, or comments on multiple different copies of a single PDF.

Automate the bulls**t

As you work, CoLab automatically builds a punch list for every file. Whenever you need to pull a report or produce records for an audit, it’s all just a few clicks away.

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Untangle your workflows

Purpose-built for engineering but flexible enough to be configured for your team’s unique needs, CoLab frees you from the mess of emails, marked-up PDFs, slide decks filled with screenshots, and all the other clutter.

Your Old Workflow

Your CoLab Workflow


Connect to everything you already use

CoLab is built to work with all your other tools. So you can keep using your existing CAD and PLM programs—while cutting out all the time spent on emails, messages, spreadsheets, slideshows, meetings, and everything else that’s not the work you really care about.


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The fastest way to share and review CAD.