Contextualized Feedback

Whether you’re working with team members, suppliers, or customers, CoLab makes it easy to give and receive feedback that everyone can understand.

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Communicate in context

Pin issues and comments directly on any 2D or 3D file, so conversations always happen with full mechanical context. When you leave feedback on a 3D model, it ties directly to the geometry and view state. That way, when another reviewer looks at your feedback, they see what you saw.

Stop giving the same feedback twice

Have you ever sorted through design feedback, only to find the same feedback in three different places? How about feedback that contradicts other feedback? When you leave feedback in CoLab, colleagues can see it instantly, so you’re all on the same page without having to save or re-upload files.

Keep feedback from multiple sources in one place—confidentially and securely

Imagine collecting design feedback from multiple customers and suppliers. You don’t want all these external people to see each other’s commentary. But you do want your internal team to have access to everything. That’s where Portals come in. Instead of duplicating a file and getting feedback 2 or 3 different times, you can share a single file across multiple Portals. Your internal team can see everything, while your external collaborators just see their own feedback.

“When interacting with a global engineering and manufacturing organization, it’s critical that we can keep all parties ‘on the same page.’ With CoLab we have that ability to have various functional groups around the world all reviewing and commenting live or around the clock on the same exact model.”

Mike Zamalis
VP Global Chiller Product Engineering
Johnson Controls

See how better feedback leads to better design decisions:

  • Pin comments to 2D or 3D files
  • Stay on the same page with real time collaboration
  • Simplify external collaboration, with Portals

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