Design Reviews

Get your review process out of the 20th century. Reviews let you collaborate on design easily—without all the hassle and mess of stringing together basic tools that aren’t built for mechanical teams.

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Why it matters

Reviews empower you to make better products by making better decisions. From formal design reviews to informal peer checks and everything in between—it’s the simple way to share and talk about design with anyone.

Consistency instead of chaos

When everyone has a standardized, clear, repeatable way to share and review designs, you can all work together with less confusion and clutter. 

Automatically traceable

A history of your design decisions and discussions that’s created automatically, as you do the work. Capture the data your CAD/PLM tools don’t—for the traceability and insights you need.

Flexible to fit your workflows

Easily customize your Design Reviews. In CoLab, you have full control over how many review stages you use and what they’re called (with no labour-intensive setup required).

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Untangle your workflows

Purpose-built for engineering but flexible enough to be configured for your team’s unique needs, CoLab frees you from the mess of emails, marked-up PDFs, slide decks filled with screenshots, and all the other clutter.

Your Old Workflow

Your CoLab Workflow


Connect to everything you already use

CoLab is built to work with all your other tools. So you can keep using your existing CAD and PLM programs—while cutting out all the time spent on emails, messages, spreadsheets, slideshows, meetings, and everything else that’s not the work you really care about.


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The fastest way to share and review CAD.