Organize your engineering collaboration. Drive makes it easy to see only the important stuff, arrange it however you want, and share with whoever you need.

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Why it matters

Drive lets you organize your work independently of your other file systems, control who sees what, and share securely with anyone (even if they don’t use CAD)—so the files you need are always right in front of you.

Effortless uploads

Whether you’re using a plugin directly within your CAD/PLM or simply drag-and-dropping your file, pushing a design or revision to CoLab only takes a few seconds (while saving you a bunch more).

Set it up the way you want

Organize your files and folders however it makes sense for your team—and easily manage access, so everyone you’re collaborating with sees only what they need to see.

Simple, secure sharing

Your security team will love it. Share your work with just a few clicks, while having confidence it’s more secure than emails or chat messages.

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Untangle your workflows

Purpose-built for engineering but flexible enough to be configured for your team’s unique needs, CoLab frees you from the mess of emails, marked-up PDFs, slide decks filled with screenshots, and all the other clutter.

Your Old Workflow

Your CoLab Workflow


Connect to everything you already use

CoLab is built to work with all your other tools. So you can keep using your existing CAD and PLM programs—while cutting out all the time spent on emails, messages, spreadsheets, slideshows, meetings, and everything else that’s not the work you really care about.


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The fastest way to share and review CAD.