Secure Sharing

CoLab makes sharing CAD, drawings, and other engineering files fast, easy, and secure.

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Share files with reviewers (no CAD license necessary)

CoLab lets you share drawings and 3D models – 30+ file types in all – with anyone. Send a link to your reviewer, and they will be able to open the file in their web browser. You can even share straight from PLM. From there, reviewers can dig into the model browser, properties and metadata further with simple tools, including measurement, section, isolate, hide, and explode.

Control who sees what

Whether you’re sharing files with your team or with external partners, CoLab gives you complete control over who sees what. You can set up a Workspace, which allows team members that you select to access all files and feedback in that Workspace.

You can also set up a Portal for guest users (from another company), which lets them comment on the same files as your internal team, without getting access to internal commentary.

Faster than FTP and more secure than email

CoLab lets you control who has permission to download files. That means you can ensure that sensitive IP never leaves our secure environment. When a user no longer needs access to a file, simply remove them from the Portal or Workspace.

“When interacting with a global engineering and manufacturing organization, it’s critical that we can keep all parties ‘on the same page.’ With CoLab we have that ability to have various functional groups around the world all reviewing and commenting live or around the clock on the same exact model.”

Mike Zamalis
VP Global Chiller Product Engineering
Johnson Controls

Ready for a better sharing experience?

  • Send and receive over 70 file types
  • Control who can view and download files and feedback
  • Enterprise grade IP security

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