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December 5, 2023

Split View: View any two files side-by-side

In our August 23rd Update we introduced Split View, allowing side-by-side viewing of multiple revisions of the same file.

Starting today, you can use Split View to view any combination of files, including drawings and PDFs.

  • With a file open in the viewer, right-click any other file and select "Open in split view."
  • Split View now works with Follow Mode, enabling you to follow a peer's navigation in Split View.
  • When using Split View, feedback will be grouped by file.

To learn more about using split view, read this knowledge base article.

More Improvements

November 9, 2023

AI Review Summaries

You can now generate AI-assisted design review summaries in CoLab!

You can use AI-generated review summaries to:

  • Provide accurate updates to non-reviewing stakeholders with little effort
  • Surface issues that could easily go unnoticed, such as unresolved comments
  • Refresh yourself on the action items coming from any review

*This feature is not available in CoLab by default. Please contact your Customer Success Manger to enable it, and to answer any questions about how we use AI and protect your data.

October 26, 2023

Introducing: Follow Mode

Follow mode is our answer to the question: What’s a better alternative to screen sharing design files that makes it easier for everyone to contribute to a design review?

How it works:

When viewing a common file with another person:

  • Click their avatar to follow their view.
  • You'll follow along as they view, mark up, and leave feedback on the file.
  • To leave feedback of your own, drop a pin anywhere on the model or drawing and you will be taken out of follow mode.
August 16, 2023

Audit Log Exports

You can now export your team's audit logs up to a 90-day period. To export, navigate to the Security settings menu.