11 — The ‘Single Source of Truth’ Myth in Engineering w/Jos Voskuil

If you’re in the engineering world, you’ve likely been hearing the phrase “single source of truth” tossed around for years. On the surface, migrating all your data into a single system seems logical enough. But what if it’s actually a futile endeavour?

Jos Voskuil is a PLM expert and the founder of VirtualDutchman.com, where he’s been sharing in-depth PLM knowledge and insights since 2008. According to him, there’s no such thing as a single source of truth—rather, the future lies in open and interconnected datasets.

On this episode, Jos joins host Adam Keating to talk about the future of connected PLM and how systems of engagement fit into the picture.

Listen as Adam and Jos discuss:

  • Why open architecture and connected infrastructure are inevitable (and worth fighting for)
  • The myth of “single source of truth”
  • How connected PLM allows for better systems of engagement
  • How to spur incremental changes in an effective way
  • The impact of strong engagement systems, especially for increasing multi-disciplinary collaboration