9 — Taking a Practical View of Model-Based Definition w/Jennifer Herron & Rhiannon Gallagher

There’s a lot of talk about Model-Based Definition (MBD), which means there’s also a lot of different opinions out there. It’s one thing to paint a picture of some future vision for a Model-Based Enterprise—but how can you start taking steps today to make MBD practical for your team?

That’s exactly what the Action Engineering team does. Jennifer Herron, Founder and CEO, and Rhiannon Gallagher, Chief Business Psychologist, join Adam Keating to talk all about MBD and what they’ve seen working with organizations to achieve MBD and MBE goals.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why bother with MBD at all
  • The challenges of shifting toward MBD
  • How psychological safety impacts manufacturing organizations
  • MBD and supply chain relationships