8 — Creating an Effective KPI Strategy in an Engineering Company w/Niru Somayajula

Keeping track of progress and KPIs feels like a never-ending challenge in any industry. But for engineering and manufacturing businesses, it gets even more difficult. When unexpected delays and obstacles can pop up at any moment, how can leaders set the right goals to guide their team to success?

Niru Somayajula, CEO of Sensor Technology, joins Adam Keating to dive into her approach to setting KPIs within an engineering company, how to be an effective leader, and what it takes to foster growth.

Join us as Niru and Adam talk about:

  • How a technical background impacts growth and success as a business leader
  • How financial transparency improves a team’s understanding of KPIs and company goals
  • Setting company goals using revenue targets and budget constraints
  • How Sensor Technology balances OKRs with individual KPIs
  • Lead and lag indicators in an engineering context